Email - Office365 Frequently Asked Questions

Email - Office365 Frequently Asked Questions

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Inactive Student Opt-In FAQ

Email Upgrade 6/10/13 FAQ

  • How do I opt-in?

    Assuming your HuskyID is inactive and scheduled for deletion (you are notified via email 1 month in advance), you can find the opt-in button link on the Alumni Email Information page. Prior to clicking the button, you will need to check off the checkbox confirming that you have read and understand the "Inactive Student Opt-In Process" section. Once authenticated through HuskyID Single Sign-On (SSO) we know who you are and you have the ability to complete the opt-in process on the page your are taken to. Be sure to document your one-time password and effective date that is provided to you after successfully opting-in. You will not be able to retrieve your one-time password after your effective date because you will no longer have the ability to sign on through SSO.

  • Why won't my one-time password work to log on to my brand new alumni email account?

    Please understand that you will not be able to use your one-time password until the effective date given when you opted-in. This is the same day that your HuskyID is removed from all other systems. It is at that time when your Office365 account is converted from a student account to an alumni account. It is not converted immediately when you opt-in and therefore not ready for immediate logon.

  • What time is my account going to be converted on the effective date?

    Unfortunately we can't pinpoint an exact time for you. The process begins at 5AM but depending on the number of accounts that need to be processed on the given day, the process could take an extended period of time. Rest assured, you will not lose access to your account while you are waiting. Up until the moment your account is converted, you will still be able to log on through the "Log on as Student (" link using your username and the same password you've been using. As soon as your individual account conversion is processed, you will then be able to log on through the "Log on as Alumni (" link using your username and your one-time password.

  • What if I forgot my one-time alumni email account password or the effective date?

    Prior to your scheduled deletion date, if you go to the Alumni Email Information page and Opt-In again, you will be able to retrieve your one-time password and your effective date. If your account is already deleted and therefore you cannot sign in to the opt-in page, but you previously opted-in, please contact the technology helpdesk at 570-389-4357.

  • During my first logon to my newly converted alumni account, which password do I use where?

    This is a page where you are forced to change your password. During the conversion process we set your account password to the one-time password, so "Old Password" refers to your one-time password. "New Password" and "Confirm new password" is where you type in the new password of your choice. It must be a strong password as determined by Microsoft's "Password Strength" bar. After you click successfully click "Save", the new password you entered is the password for your alumni account and you no longer need to remember or retain documentation of your one-time password. You are taken to a page that says "Please re-enter your password". This is the first time you use that new password of your choice and signing in with it will take you to your mailbox on the web.

  • Why did my email account on my mobile device or email software stop working after the conversion process?

    Since your username changed from to, you have to change the configuration of your device or software and update the username. In some cases, in order to update the username, you may be required to remove the account completely and re-add the account. Instructions for configuring your account can be found at and remember to specify your username and email address as

  • Why do I need to opt-in and why can't I just use my previous password to log on the first time?

    Because of changes Microsoft implemented when they upgraded Live @ EDU to Office365, students could no longer continue using their password once the account was converted to alumni, so we needed a mechanism to provide a new password that would work with alumni accounts once converted. The opt-in process gives us the ability to provide a one-time password. At the same time, most accounts that were converted to alumni accounts in the past are sitting in the system unused and dormant. By initiating an opt-in process 1 month prior to deletion, this gives us the opportunity to only keep accounts which are actually requested to remain in the system and provide a password securely by requiring the inactive student to sign in to HuskyID Single Sign-On while their HuskyID credentials still work.

  • What happens if I re-enroll at BU after I have opted-in and have been converted to

    Your account will be automatically converted back to the business day after you pay your deposit (undergrad) or are scheduled in a class (grad). This means you will have to once again use the "Log on as Student (" logon link and use your username. Your password will be set back to an initial password that has been communicated to you as your Applicant HuskyID Password (undergrad) or has been provided through the grad office (grad). If you do not know the password, you can reset it immediately by using the HuskyID Password Reset page at Also, you get to keep all the email already in your mailbox and future email addressed to your address still comes to the account.

    General FAQ

    • What do I need to know about the student/alumni email system upgrade that finished 6/10/13?

      Please check the Live @ EDU Upgrade to Office365 page for details on how the upgrade affected you.

    • Am I using the correct login page to get to my email account on the web?

      Always use or links found on the BU website to get to the student/alumni email login page. We have control of this address and will make sure it is always going to the correct place for login. If you find other addresses that work, please know that they are subject to change. For instance,,, may have used to work, but they do not work now. If you find similar addresses that work to get you to the current office365 login page, it is subject to change in the future. Always use or click on email system links found on the BU website.

    • What should the login page look like?

      Students should be seeing the HuskyID Single Sign-On login page (image). Alumni should be seeing a login page branded as Office 365 (image). If you are receiving a page branded as Outlook (image), this is not the correct page and you should not attempt to log in to it.

    • Why am I receiving the error message "You're currently signed in with an Office 365 email account, which can't be used with Please click here to sign out of your Office 365 account" when I try to access my email account?

      This message comes up if you've logged in to an incorrect web page address such as (or perhaps an outdated bookmark) during your current web browser session. If you receive that particular error, you should indeed click that outlook/live sign out link and then if you go back to the correct login page at, you will find that the Student/Alumni logon links direct you to the proper login page that will get you right into your mailbox after successful authentication. Remember, if you are considered an alumni account (see below for help to know for sure), you must use to log in successfully. Always use to access your email account. This is the only web page address we've ever given out and has always been linked from the BU website.

    • Why does it seem like my browser is not directing me to the correct login page or consistently get an error message when I try to log in to HuskyID Single Sign-On?

      In rare cases, you may need to try one of the following to resolve or work around the issue:

      • Close all web browser windows and start a new browser session. If your browser is set to restore the previous session upon startup, you will need to change that option in your browser options so you truly start a new browser session.
      • Clear your browser's cache/history, cookies, and/or active logons.
      • Try using an alternative browser, such as Firefox if you were using Internet Explorer (PC) or Apple Safari (Mac).
      • Try starting the private mode of the browser to obtain a new session to check if it works in a new session.

      Once you try one of the above recommendations, you should go directly to and try to log in again to see if your issue has been resolved or worked around.


    • Is my account considered to be Student or Alumni?

      Please check the bottom of the login page at where figuring out if you are considered a student or alumni for the purpose of your technology account is described in detail, which will affect how you log in to your Office365 email account.

    • I have what is considered an alumni account and I decided to re-enroll at BU and now I can't access my email account. What do I need to know?

      Once you re-enroll and can no longer log in through the alumni page, this is because your account was converted back to what is considered a Student account. No worries, you get to keep all the email already in your mailbox and future email addressed to your address still comes to the account. You will now need to log in through the student logon link, and you now need to use your default HuskyID password. This was sent to you (it is your Applicant HuskyID Password), but if you don't have the password and want to gain immediate access to your account, you can reset your HuskyID password by going to

    • I am a student and I am getting to the HuskyID Single Sign-On Page as I should be, but why isn't the password I used successfully to access my email before the upgrade not working anymore?

      If for some reason your Live @ EDU student email password (Windows Live account) was not in sync with your HuskyID password, be aware that the HuskyID Single Sign-On page requires you to use your HuskyID password, which is the password that logs you in to all campus systems. If you don't know your current HuskyID password, go to to reset your forgotten password.

    • I'm having trouble accessing my SkyDrive, what do I need to know?

      Students/Alumni that had an active HuskyID account between 5/13/09 and 6/08/13 received a Windows Live account and a SkyDrive. They should be able to access their SkyDrive by going to Remember, to log in you must use your Windows Live account rather than your HuskyID account, and these accounts became separate accounts on 6/8/13. Alumni need to remember that their username for their Windows Live ID is still The Windows Live ID passwords for both students and alumni are still set as the password that was used to access their Live @ EDU email account (and therefore, their Windows Live account password) at the time of upgrade on 6/8/13. Students should understand that changing their HuskyID password after 6/8/13 has not changed their Windows Live ID account password and therefore has not changed the password used to access SkyDrive. Likewise, Alumni should understand that changing their Office365 password after 6/8/13 has not changed their Windows Live ID account password and therefore has not changed the password used to access SkyDrive. Beginning 6/8/13, the Windows Live ID is a completely separate account from a HuskyID and student password changes do not sync to the Microsoft Live system. The reason you still use your HuskyID password to log into Office 365 is because it's configured to use what is called Federation so you authenticate locally at BU using HuskyID Single Sign-On and this allows access to your email account without the need to technically sync a password to Microsoft.

    • Prior to the upgrade from Live @ EDU to Office 365, there were links at the top of my mailbox that I used to use and now I'm not sure where those pages are located, can you provide the link addresses?
    • What is included with our Office365 account?

      Besides the email account portion of Office365, Bloomsburg University is currently able to provide Office Web Apps (Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, and OneNote Online) and OneDrive, a cloud storage solution, both of which can be accessed through the App Drawer in the upper left corner of your student email account webmail.

    • What is a HuskyID?

      A student HuskyID is your full email address, i.e. Please check the HuskyID Account and Password information page for full details. Please note that HuskyIDs become inactive after approximately 8-9 months after a student last attends at which time a student loses all access to Bloomsburg University systems and their student HuskyID account is deleted. However, there is a 1 month opt-in period where a student can request to keep their email account. A student that opts in will have their email account converted to an alumni Office365 account, and their username and email address will change to, though they still retain past and future messages addressed to Separately, all inactive students, whether they opt-in to keep their email account or not, have the ability to activate an ISIS Alumni Account at

    • How do I change my HuskyID password?

      There are two supported ways to change your HuskyID password:

      • Using a web browser from anywhere you have Internet access, go to and select Change Password.
      • Change your password from a lab computer on campus that you are logged in to, by pressing Control+ALT+Delete and selecting Change Password.


    • Where can I get specific help about the email system including setting up an Exchange account in Outlook, POP or IMAP in any other email application, or setting up access to your account on your mobile phone?

      Click on either the "Mobile Device Email Config" or "Email Software Config" link on the right or go directly to

    • What address do I go to to use my email account on the web?

    • What web browsers are recommended to connect to my email account on the web?

      Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox are the recommended browsers for PC and Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox are the recommended browsers for Mac. Problems have been seen when using Google Chrome, so it is recommended to not use it.

    • I can view my email on the web, but why won't it let me send email from my account?

      This has been seen when students/alumni attempt to send email through their email account on the web when using either Google Chrome or Internet Explorer with an outdated Skype plugin. It is recommended that you update, uninstall, or disable the Skype plugin or just use Mozilla Firefox instead.

    • I received an email claiming I need to respond to confirm my account to receive additional disk space, to upgrade my account, or to prevent my account termination. Is this a legitimate message and should I reply with my password or click a link to confirm or validate my account on a web form?

      NO! Please be aware Bloomsburg University technology support will never ask you for your password or other confidential information through email. There have been malicious phishing emails that look legitimate coming from off campus telling you to reply with your password to receive additional disk space, to upgrade your account, or to prevent your account termination. These emails did not come from Bloomsburg University and you should never respond to them. Please keep this in mind and never send a password through email. Phishing spammers will attempt to use your account to send out spam to millions of recipients. Please don't give them your password. If you are ever not sure, please contact the Bloomsburg University Technology Help Desk at 570-389-4357. If the phishers succeed and use your account to send out spam, people all over the world will receive spam that says it's coming from you. This will result in many replies and non delivery reports (bounces from email addresses that reject the spam due to spam content or due to "User Unknown") coming in to your account. Ultimately it will also put our student email servers on spam blacklists and it will be hard for other students to get legitimate messages through to legitimate outside email addresses because other email servers will stop trusting our email servers. This is a very serious matter - be sure to never give your password out. If you have received a questionable message, please forward the entire message as an attachment to BU Technology staff can then look at the headers and use the information to protect other students that will try replying to the message in the future. Please check our Phishing information page for more information.

    • Why am I receiving hundreds or thousands of replies or Non-Delivery-Reports to messages I never sent that look like they were spam?

      You have likely responded to a malicious phishing email and given your password to spammers who are using your account to send out spam. If your account has already been compromised, the very first thing you should do is change your password (do so at so the spammers no longer have access to your account. After you change your password, you may still receive many Non-Delivery-Reports and replies for up to about 3 days. Also please report the incident to Be sure to never, ever set your password back to the one that was compromised so there is no chance the spammers can use your account again. Last but not least, spread the word that you should never give your password out in response to an email no matter how legitimate it looks. Please check our Phishing information page for more information.