CACP Exam - Certified Anticoagulation Care Provider Exam

CACP Exam - Certified Anticoagulation Care Provider Exam

Objectives of Certification

The National Certification Board for Anticoagulation Providers (NCBAP) endorses voluntary certification of anticoagulation providers who meet education and patient-care requirements. The purpose of the certification process is to meet a societal need to protect public health and well-being. This certification process is designed and intended for practitioners whose primary role as an anticoagulation provider includes systematic, organized, and on-going patient education and therapeutic management in the inpatient and/or outpatient setting.

About the CACP Exam

For complete details about the CACP credentialing process, please download the CACP Candidate Handbook. Some key details about the process are described below. The CACP Exam covers the five domains shown below, weighted according to domain content.

    Domain I — Applied Pathophysiology of Thromboembolic Disease (20%)
    Domain II — Patient Assessment and Management (30%)
    Domain III — Patient Education (20%)
    Domain IV — Applied Pharmacology of Antithrombotic Agents (20%)
    Domain V — Operational (Administrative) Procedures (10%)

Preparation for the Examination

The exam content is based primarily on national recommendations and guidelines from nationally-recognized authorities in antithrombotic therapy. For additional details and complete application instructions, please download the CACP Candidate Handbook.

Exam Registration

The CACP exam must be taken at an approved testing center. The majority of the approved testing centers belong to the National College Testing Association.

If you are approved to sit for the CACP exam, your approval notification email will contain instructions for locating an approved testing center and making an appointment to take your CACP exam. Bloomsburg University’s Test Center is an approved testing site. View currently available exam dates and approved testing sites!

CACP Exam Dates

The CACP exam is offered approximately two to three times per month. Please review the Candidate Handbook for additional details.


The National Certification board for Anticoagulation Providers requires all CACPs to recertify by examination every five years. At least 10 weeks prior to his/her credential expiration date and the desired exam date, an applicant for recertification should submit a new application packet according to the current application procedures as described on the NCBAP website.