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Are you career ready?

In today's competitive job market, employers are looking for more than just good grades. They want a clean, concise resume, an applicant who shows up prepared and confident, someone who articulates why they are a good candidate for the organization and an employee who performs in a professional manner.

Seniors and juniors can learn how to leverage skills and experiences to be successful in the transition from student to professional by attending a Career Intensive Boot Camp on Feb. 10 to 12 or March 3 to 5. Attendees will participate in 20-plus unique sessions, including: Compensation Considerations, Debunking the "Career Path" Myth, The Shocking Truth of Getting Hired, Making Connections on LinkedIn, 3 Mock Interviews, Office Communications, a Professional Etiquette Dinner and more.

There is also the opportunity to network with more than 60 alumni, organization representatives, faculty and staff. Sessions are held at the Greenly Center in downtown Bloomsburg. Shuttle from campus is available. Space is limited.

Legacy of Leadership nominations underway

Hannah Breckinridge

Bloomsburg University’s Dr. H Preston Herring Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate the former administrator’s most important leadership qualities, which include service, modesty, and commitment.

Hannah Breckinridge, a junior speech-language pathology major, represented just that last semester, earning the scholarship and a special recognition at the upcoming third annual Legacy of Leadership Awards.

“I felt very honored to receive this scholarship based off of how I perceive myself in my personal essay and through the volunteer work I have done throughout my time at Bloomsburg,” Breckinridge said. “I think I have gained so many leadership skills through attending workshops for CLE leadership certification, delivering workshops for my job at The Writing Center, and through my involvement with various clubs.”

The Dr. H Preston Herring Scholarship was founded as a tribute to Herring who served as vice president of student affairs for 15 years before passing away due to a battle with cancer in 2009. Ginny Herring created this scholarship in 2014 to honor her husband. She wanted to show that students like Breckinridge and the past recipients are appreciated and that they have not been overlooked. Nominations are being accepted until Jan. 22, 2017.

New scholarship search launched

Scholarship Application Process

Students will no longer need to scroll through a long list of scholarships and complete multiple paper applications that need to be turned into each department. Instead complete ONE application to automatically apply to multiple scholarships.

Deadline for current students to complete the 2017-18 Scholarship Application online is March 1. Incoming freshman have until April 1.

Students can find the application instructions on the scholarship website’s main page before logging in. Students can find the link to the scholarship website on their MyHusky account under the To Do List.

Department committees will be provided with detailed instructions and training in the near future. Committee members will see a list of scholarships they are responsible for awarding upon logging on. Each scholarship will display a spreadsheet of eligible applicants including their answers from the scholarship application and data imported from MyHusky. Committee members will be able to sort and rank applicants and select recipients online.

The financial aid office and BU Foundation, Inc., will view the selected recipients online, a list of recipients does not need to be emailed or put in campus mail anymore. The scholarship awards will be posted to student’s financial aid records and the students will receive an email notification of the award.

Every day, a new adventure in Spain

Spain Study Abroad

One day exploring the historic sights of the city like the Arabic Baths and the La Capilla Real (The Royal Chapel). Tasting the local Mediterranean cuisine at the cafes and restaurants for lunch. Another day experiencing the traditions during the holiday season like Three Kings Day. This winter break has been a new adventure every day for Racquel Kreischer as she is studying abroad in Granada, Spain.

Kreischer, a senior engineering major, is spending her winter break studying Spanish through the Instituto Mediterráneo Sol Granada. While living with her host family, Kreischer is learning the language up close as she is directly immersed in Spanish culture.
“It was a shock being immersed into Spanish with my host family and classes speaking only Spanish, but in the span of a week I have caught on quickly! Everything is in Spanish, tours, conversations with my host family, eating at restaurants, so it is very important to learn quickly.”

Becoming fully engaged in the language has allowed Kreischer to discover and experience all the warm city of Granada has to offer. “There is so much to do in the beautiful city of Granada and living with a family makes studying here even more exciting. I know where all the best places to go and things to do here are located.”

Study Abroad Open House: — Thursday, Feb. 2, from 5 to 6:30 p.m., KUB Multipurpose B. Let us help you get started. Making the memories is up to you!

Broadening global horizons in Poland

Poland Study Abroad

For the fifth year, another group Bloomsburg University students ventured to Poland during winter break to study at Jagiellonian University in Poland. Alexandra Miller, senior honors student majoring in ASL and Spanish, was among 40 students and three faculty members, including Michael Martin, assistant professor of English, to study in Kraków.

While studying at the Polish Institute of Language and Culture, students and faculty gather at the university to take two courses for credit. With a course about the history of Jews in Europe and another on Eastern European Film, Literature and Culture, Miller and her fellow abroad students gain a unique in-depth insight on Eastern European culture and history.

To balance their intensive study, students immersed themselves in Kraków’s rich culture and walked through the history of Poland with trips to places like the Wieliczka Salt Mine and Auschwitz. Journeying to several cities in Eastern and Central Europe, this trip is a cultural experience unlike any other as Miller, Martin and others are pushed to think differently both academically and internationally.

“Sharing dinner with students who appreciate another language, having breakfast with our Russian Fulbright Scholar (did you know we had one at Bloomsburg right now?) or listening to students who are studying Russian are great reminders that the world is much larger than the drive from your home to school and back, or from home to a major city.”

Study Abroad Open House: — Thursday, Feb. 2, from 5 to 6:30 p.m., KUB Multipurpose B. Let us help you get started. Making the memories is up to you!

Living the "pure life" in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Study Abroad

Pura Vida, or pure life, means to love life. These wise words are at the heart of Costa Rican culture. Kylie Goodling is living this philosophy she learned from her host mother as she spends her winter break studying abroad in Heredia, Costa Rica.
Goodling, a senior speech language pathology major and Spanish and linguistics minor as well as an ESL certification student, is completing her Spanish minor through SOL. Living with her host mom Cecilia (or Mama Tica), she is taking courses on Latin American culture and civilization.

Besides studying, Goodling is fully immersed in the sights and sounds of Latin American culture in scenic Heredia. Visiting the Basilica, trying local food and even white water rafting have been a part of Goodling’s study abroad experience. Goodling’s Costa Rican journey has been pura vida.

“Mama Tica is seriously one of the best people I have ever met. She is so full of heart and soul. She is always telling us to love ourselves no matter what anyone else thinks.”

Study Abroad Open House: — Thursday, Feb. 2, from 5 to 6:30 p.m., KUB Multipurpose B. Let us help you get started. Making the memories is up to you!

Interested in being a Student Trustee?

Council of Trustees

Applications for the position of student member of the Council of Trustees, representing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, at Bloomsburg University are now being accepted.

A candidate shall be at least a second semester freshman, but no more than a second semester junior, who is a full-time undergraduate student in attendance at the university, and is in good academic standing.

Must be willing to serve through May 2018. Application deadline is 4 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 17. For more details, contact Jennifer Williams in the President’s office 570-389-4523 or

Year in Review

Year in Review

Another productive and memorable year at Bloomsburg University has come to a close. Yet, 2016 wasn’t so routine. A collection of academic programs achieved national prominence along with several student groups reaching unprecedented success in fundraising and competition.

Meanwhile, the tradition of students discovering new levels of advancement, impact and scholarship continued as well.

Top 5 Most Read Stories

  • BU ranks among the U.S. News best — BU once again made the list of top universities in the northern region of the country, according to U.S. News and World Report’s annual rankings.
  • 9/11 tragedy inspires research path — Although just 6 years old at the time, Sept. 11, 2001 is a day Elizabeth Miller can never forget.
  • Liberal Arts Symposium — Unofficially kicking off Homecoming Weekend, more than 25 alumni returned to campus to help facilitate the two-day annual symposium.
  • Prateek Goorha award winner ready for politics — With dreams of becoming Secretary of State one day, Kimberly Martin is eyeing a long career in government and politics.
  • Study abroad sets table for research — Lydia Stebbins’s research has already taken her through the quaint food markets of culturally rich Xalapa, Mexico, and will soon go global again into another cultural hub, Morocco.

Demolition derby exhibit featured

Last Car Running

Photographer Christine Pearl will feature her photo essay collection, “Last Car Running” at Bloomsburg University’s Haas Gallery of Art. Her show opens Thursday, Dec. 22, in the Haas Gallery of Art. This show is free and open to the public.

“Last Car Running” focuses on demolition derby culture and its participants. Pearl’s interest in this subject stems from her attraction to people and parallels her reasons for taking photographs as a disabled artist. Her photography of rural demolition derby culture captures “contemporary redneck culture” and how the dwindling blue-collar class finds freedom in the automobile.

Pearl is a photographer with a private practice based in Washington, D.C. With a background in design and construction, Pearl began to shoot photographs in 2010 as a way to cope with disability. Photography become her physical therapy to deal with limited mobility. Since then, she has a long exhibition record from the District of Columbia, Texas, New York and internationally in Hungary. She also has an extensive publication history in a variety of media formats with her latest photo essay featured in Photo Technique Magazine and Rear Curtain. 

A closing reception will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 1 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., with an artist lecture at 1:15 p.m. The Haas Gallery of Art is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Graduate students to present at international convention

ACPA Convention

Presenting a unique session at an international convention is a considerable accomplishment, especially for graduate students. (Mary) Kate Orzolek M.Ed. ‘17 and Katie Slater M.Ed. ’17 in Bloomsburg University's College Student Affairs program, will each present program sessions this spring at the 2017 convention of ACPA: College Student Educators-International in Columbus, Ohio.

Orzolek will present “Preparing for the Alpha Generation Entering College: Foreshadowing and Dialectic.” Slater’s presentation is entitled “Drunkorexia and Disordered Eating in College Students.” Both students have been mentored in their proposal development process by Mindy Andino, Ed.D, assistant professor, of educational leadership and college student affairs, who is also co-presenting each session.

ICS symposium to explore diversity this spring

 Imam Daayiee Abdullah

This upcoming semester, the Institute for Culture and Society will organize its annual Bloomsburg Explores symposium on “Diversity.” Given that diversity includes many categories, that are beyond ICS's ability to cover in one semester, its focus will be on four topics: gender, race, language and culture, and religion. To explore all four topics, a series of events are scheduled including a guest-speaker lecture, panels and discussions, two book clubs and more.

The participants in the panel discussions are BU students and for each panel ICS will have faculty moderating the discussion. Students will receive a list of questions beforehand to help them prepare for the panels and to stay focused on the topic. ICS's goal is to celebrate diversity and to highlight the issues that make diversity challenging. It is only by creating a healthy environment for everyone that ICS could promote understanding and respect for all regardless of our differences.