Husky Unleashed - Talking the talk and walking the walk

Husky Unleashed - Talking the talk and walking the walk

Even a shy 4-year-old Christina Kim Davis knew the spotlight was tempting. Now 20, the junior Bloomsburg University student has flipped the script to turn the temptation into a blossoming future.

As a youngster, communicating her talent and colorful personality through dance quickly became a passion for this Philadelphia native, who now has the world at her finger tips after winning BET’s Lens on Talent dance competition and the hearts of the BU community.

National fame wasn’t quite apparent for Davis when she arrived on campus three years ago as a timid freshman with no affiliations, although those who knew her then would argue. Since then, she has left an indelible footprint on BU as a high-achieving communications student, orientation leader, aspiring model, dance teacher and friend to seemingly every student across campus.

In addition to dance, Davis may be best known and recognized as an Orientation Workshop Leader (OWL). It’s a role Davis says allows her to make an immediate impact on new Huskies, which often evolves into a lasting influence.

Christina Kim Davis

Davis connects with students through several other student leadership roles, including Vice Versa (a student modeling group) and Dance Ensemble (the largest student organization on campus). Davis is a Modern Hip Hop and Urban African Dance teacher for the Dance Ensemble, helping to choreograph routines much like the one that thrust her into BET fame.

It’s these student groups, among BU’s more than 200 student groups, that enabled the shy Davis to come out of her shell. Now, she is among the biggest endorsers of student organizations as a way for Huskies to find their own niche in college.

With her success from Lens on Talent, an honor she hopes will spur momentum to someday launch her own dance studio, Davis is quick to point out there’s much more work still to do at BU, including another class of freshmen to orientate and becoming the first in her family to earn a college degree. It’s a script that continues to get better with age, she says.