Women's Resource Center

Women's Resource Center

Women's Resource Center

1st floor Schuylkill Hall

WRC Office Hours

Hours are limited at this time. Contact stwomen@bloomu.edu for an appointment.

Bloomsburg University Women's Resource Center

Women's Resource Center

Women's History Timeline

The Women’s Resource Center is dedicated to improving the status of women students, faculty, and staff at Bloomsburg University.

We do so through the development and implementation of educational programs, community outreach, victim advocacy, and referral services.

These programs and services are provided in a manner that reflects a commitment to equity, safety, mutual respect, diversity, and sensitivity to others.

Educational programs are coordinated with other campus areas and resources and off campus agencies to:

  • enhance awareness of gender issues and violence prevention
  • address the needs of a diverse female population
  • promote equity, advancement and empowerment of all women on campus