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Honors College FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

We're so glad you want to learn more about BU's Honors College! We've listed some of the questions students like you ask most often, but feel free to reach out to one of our Honors Student Ambassadors. They're upper-level students who can answer your questions from a been-there-done-that perspective. Contact us to schedule an appointment to talk to an ambassador by phone (570-389-4713) or to meet and talk with you on a campus visit.

While some majors at Bloomsburg University may have honor societies, these organizations are typically reserved for juniors and seniors who make specific GPA and service minimums. Honor societies are membership organizations and may charge fees. The Honors College distinguishes itself from these major-specific organizations by fostering a true community of high-achieving students in a four-year, academic-based program that is open to all majors and all class levels (First-year students through seniors).

Yes! We welcome students from all majors.

First, we'll look for the basic application requirements.

  • First-year Students: Ranked in top 20 percent of your high school class; SAT optional
  • Transfer and Current BU Students: Minimum grade point average of 3.5

But beyond that, we'll look for characteristics we've found to be true of most Honors students. Are you curious? Inquisitive? Open to new ideas? Are you up for adventure? Do you read for pleasure? Are you a hard worker? Do you genuinely like to learn? If you answered yes to many if not all of those questions, then you'll probably be a great Honors student.

Once you submit both your application to Bloomsburg University and your online Honors application, we'll look for your supplemental materials (see the notes at the bottom of the online Honors application) to arrive in a timely manner. Once those materials are received, your application will be reviewed by the Honors College director, Dr. Julie Vandivere. PLEASE NOTE: We may contact you once or twice about missing materials, but it is your responsibility to ensure these materials are sent to the Honors College, either by email or mail. If you are unsure if your materials have been received, please email us.

If your application gains initial approval, we will contact you via the email you provided on your application to schedule an interview. If you provide your Husky email address (@huskies.bloomu.edu), please be sure to check that email frequently. Two Honors students will conduct your interview by phone, FaceTime, Skype, or, better yet, in person.

Within two weeks of your interview, you will receive a letter of acceptance or denial by mail.

No additional fee or tuition is required to participate in the Honors College.

The Honors College works to challenge you academically and help you to excel in ways other students in your major may not. But remember, the Honors courses you'll be required to take are designed to replace (not add to) what would be your regular General Education requirements. While these classes are slightly more challenging than regular General Education courses, students typically enjoy them, as they offer smaller class sizes and a discussion-based format. Plus, they're full of students with similar academic goals.

In addition to taking five Honors courses, you'll be required to complete an additional capstone project, as well as participate in civic engagement every semester. But that’s it. The truth is, most students find it easy to adapt to these additional requirements and say the benefits of being an Honors student far outweigh the extra work.

Keep in mind, too, that our Honors faculty and staff are dedicated to ensuring that every Honors student succeeds. Should you find yourself struggling, our Honors director will work with you to find a tutor or faculty member who can assist you in meeting all of your academic goals, while still completing your Honors requirements.

A 3.0 cumulative GPA minimum is required to remain in the Honors College. If you fall below this GPA, you will be placed on Honors academic probation, and you will have one semester to raise your GPA to the 3.0 minimum.

We have had quite a few athletes successfully pass through the Honors College, and we encourage all of our students to take advantage of the many sports and other extracurricular opportunities the University offers. We will do our best to make accommodations for practices and any games/matches/meets you may have, as well as work with you to ensure you have time to meet your requirements for civic engagement.

Yes, you are required to live in the Honors Learning Community. Transitioning to college life can be challenging, and living in a place with students who share your academic abilities will help to make your transition easier. There are many advantages to living in Honors Housing. For example, you will have 24 hour access to the Honors Center that contains, among other things, a high quality laser printer, computers, additional study rooms, white boards, and limited kitchen facility. Not to mention, some of your classes could be taught in the center, so on a cold day, you can roll out of bed and stumble downstairs to class. In addition, Lycoming is the hall closest to the dining facilities and to the bookstore.

The Honors Learning Community is located in Lycoming Residence Hall and is coed by wing (one women’s wing and one men’s wing) with a communal bathroom for each wing. Honors housing is typically quieter than you’ll find elsewhere, and residents are more respectful of study times.

Yes! In fact, we strongly recommend that all of our students study abroad. In fact, the Honors College organizes a four-week trip to Central Europe every winter semester, What's more, nearly every Honors student receives funding to make this opportunity affordable. When you take advantage of this Honors experience, you’ll earn credit studying at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, make an unforgettable visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in Oświęcim, Poland, and travel to at least five additional major cities throughout Central Europe and sometimes beyond.

Of course, Honors students are also encouraged to take advantage of all the study-abroad opportunities the University offers.

Yes! If you would like to schedule a week-day visit to campus, a student worker or volunteer will take you on a tour of the Honors Learning Community, as well as arrange an opportunity to sit in on one of our Honors courses. To request a visit, simply contact us.

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