Anthropology professor shows off his find during an exhibition in Guatemala

Anthropology (B.A.)

Anthropology, in common with other sciences, is concerned with the formulation and testing of hypotheses or tentative explanations of observed human phenomena. Anthropology also has an important humanistic tradition.

Degrees & Offerings
  • B.A.
Program Contact
Professor of Sociology; Assistant Chair
Secretary for the Department of Anthropology, Criminal Justice, & Sociology
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Here at Bloomsburg, you'll find anthropology divided into three study areas:

  • cultural anthropology, which studies ways of life in societies across the world;
  • physical anthropology, which traces human origins and biological variability
  • prehistoric archaeology, which seeks to explain human behavior by studying material remains from past cultures

You'll take courses in cultural anthropology, prehistoric archaeology, human origins, history of anthropology, research and writing skills and choose from classes in field archaeology, field methods, independent study or an internship. We emphasize a strong foundation in the major subfields of anthropology; cultural anthropology, biological (physical) anthropology, and archaeology. Our program is structured to both introduce you to the anthropology field, as well as allow you to focus on their specific interest within anthropology. Thus we have developed a set of core courses and electives reflected in three tracks of studies:

  • General - students not yet specialized
  • Applied - personal training and application for careers in all three sub fields
  • Research - appropriate for students who plan to pursue graduate school 

It all adds up to allowing you to precisely tailor an anthropology program for your personal career goals and interests. This curriculum is designed to prepare you for admission to graduate school in anthropology. Each year, approximately one-third of the seniors majoring in anthropology apply to graduate school, with 90 percent accepted at their first-choice institution.

Courses and Curriculum

CU Degree Requirements*

*Please see the CU degree requirements effective Fall 2023. All enrolled students can also review their degree program requirements and track progress to degree completion in Degree Works.

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Bloomsburg Because

Professional Engagement

Bloomsburg University's anthropology program is designed to provide majors with two kinds of educational experience — to give pre-professional training for those students who wish to pursue graduate study in anthropology and to give a good liberal arts background to those students who are not interested in a graduate education.

To date, the anthropology program has been very successful in meeting these goals. BU students have successfully entered and participated in quality graduate programs in anthropology, while other anthropology majors have been able to obtain rewarding employment with a B.A. degree, usually in a social service area. The anthropology faculty is prepared to tailor an anthropology curriculum to best meet the needs of each individual student, and, when feasible, to provide vocational guidance. By selecting anthropology as a major, a student has not limited his/her career options, but has only begun to explore a range of vocational opportunities.

Career Development Resources for Anthropology Students

  • What discipline has a projected 19% employment growth rate through 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics? Anthropology!
  • Graduate School, Internship and Fieldwork Resources eAnthroGuide - Locate a certificate, Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D. granting program across many specializations like archaeology and medical anthropology.
  • For student members of the AAA, full listings of the eAnthroGuide, including research details for 10,000 current members and more than 80,000 anthropological experts. Visit the AAA’s website for a directory of detailed listings for over 60 field schools that includes contact information.
  • Fellowships and Support Find information on grants, scholarships and fellowships for undergraduate and graduate students on the AAA’s website.
  • AAA Career Center Find jobs and other professional development resources in the American Anthropological Association’s Career Center.
  • Career Paths and Education Read a brief overview of the benefits of an anthropological education and career prospects on the AAA website.
  • What Can I Do With This Major? View this great career resource for undergraduates and graduate students with practical information and strategies for pursuing diverse career paths with an anthropology or archaeology degree.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Read the entry on anthropologists and archaeologists in the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s online Occupational Outlook Handbook. Resources for Students Interested in Practicing/Applied Careers Anthropologists on the Job Market: How Departments and Job
  • A Career in Practice Webinar Watch Riall Nolan discuss professional development and career building for anthropologists outside of the academy in this archived AAA webinar. Nolan covers resume writing, job search tips, interviewing, and more.
  • Versatile PhD Prepare for a non-academic career by exploring career paths, viewing job listings, connecting with an online community and discovering networking opportunities and resources.
  • The Bar is Very High: Academic Dossier Evaluation and What to Expect Watch Mark Aldenderfer discuss the tenure process in this archived AAA webinar. Aldenderfer covers: 1) crafting tenure dossiers and the importance of publishing records (including online publishing; 2) the realities of what Ph.D.'s can expect during the tenure evaluation process and being prepared; and 3) department culture and the expectations of deans, chairs, admins and colleagues
  • The Professor Is In Find resources on academic career paths, tenure, and hiring. Employment services are also offered for a fee.

Clubs and Organizations

Anthropology Club

Faculty Advisor: David Fazzino
150 CEH | 570-389-4859
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Membership is open to any student interested in anthropology; there are no club dues. The club meets bi-weekly and sponsors programs of all kinds. In the past, the club has sponsored a tour of the Olmec exhibit at Princeton University, talks and slide shows by several faculty, the annual Fall Festival, participation in Native American Pow Wows, and student attendance at the American Anthropological Association's Annual Meeting and the PASSHE Undergraduate Anthropology Conferences. The club also sponsors an annual T-shirt competition to determine the design for each year's club shirt.

Honor Societies

Lambda Alpha (Honors)

Faculty Advisor: Faith Warner
118 CEH | 570-389-4334
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Beginning in 1996, the BU's anthropology department became a member of Lambda Alpha, the national honorary society for anthropology students. Anthropology students become eligible for membership when they achieve junior status with a minimum of 12 credits in anthropology and maintain a minimum of a 3.2 GPA in their anthropology classes. Students elected to the honors society, pay a one-time due of $25, which entitles them to a membership wall certificate and a one-year subscription to the society's newsletter.

Lambda Alpha sponsors a nationwide scholarship competition each year for students who would like to attend graduate school. There is an awards luncheon hosted by the anthropology department to honor BU Lambda Alpha students and the Anthropology Student of the Year at the end of the spring semester each year.

The Husky Difference

Job Growth Projected
The anthropology field is expected to see a high employment growth rate through 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
College of Distinction
College of Distinction
Bloomsburg has earned national recognition as a College of Distinction, honored for its quality and high-impact practices leading to a personalized education catered to students’ interests.
Anthropology major spends summer excavating an ancient Maya household in Guatemala

“This experience gave me everything I needed to excel in archeology, not only at Bloomsburg University, but to get involved with the professional world. Not only did it give me enthusiasm for my future in archeology, it showed me what it’s going to take to pursue this career and where I can end up in the future.”

Arianna Ambrosio '20
Anthropology major poses in front of the Quest climbing wall on upper campus

“The biggest impression Bloomsburg has left on me is the diverse and supportive community of the student body. I’ve met so many students from different majors, who've all helped me reflect on the experiences in my life as well as given me an opportunity to view things from different perspectives.”

Arden Clark '19
Honors research leads to new summer curriculum for Camp Victory

“Watching the gears in a child’s brain start to turn, as they ask question after question becoming more and more inquisitive, made me feel like I was making a difference in their life. Perhaps I’m sparking an interest in their future field of study. Maybe I was giving them an experience which will spur them to pursue a specific path. Either way, giving a child an experience they may not normally have access to was an honor.”

Anne Snyder '18
Anthropology major poses in front of the Quest climbing wall on upper campus
Honors research leads to new summer curriculum for Camp Victory
Anthropology major spends summer excavating an ancient Maya household in Guatemala

Anthropology Contacts

Bloomsburg University Employee

Gwen Barnes

  • Secretary for the Department of Anthropology, Criminal Justice, & Sociology

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