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Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.)

Design and develop instructional materials and curricula that engages young learners and improves student outcomes

Degrees & Offerings
  • M.Ed.
  • M.Ed. + Certificate
Program Contact
Graduate Program Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction (without certification), Educational Leadership, Principal Certification, Supervisory C&I Certification
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M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction Program Details

  • Designed to enhance the professional curricular and instructional competencies of individuals who work with children, youth, and adults.

  • Available 100% online​.

  • Earn PDE 24 required credits instructional licensure – while earning a master’s degree.

  • Enhance your knowledge and skills – moving more towards a master teacher​ Become a leader in your school – assume leadership responsibilities​.

  • Individualized curriculum enables students to pursue 12 additional semester hours of graduate study tailored to their needs and interests.

  • The program's field-based approach ensures the needs of school-based faculty are continually addressed through faculty involvement.

Courses and Curriculum

Applicants must satisfy the admission requirements for the School of Graduate Studies. In addition, you must:

  • Have a 3.0 undergraduate QPA
  • Submit scores on the PRAXIS in your subject matter field or GRE or GMAT scores or teaching credential.
  • Schedule an interview with the program coordinator to clarify program requirements, discuss goals, evaluate academic records, and outline a long-range program.
  • Students who do not meet the minimum admission requirements may be admitted non-degree upon the approval of the Graduate Advisory Board. The non-degree designation must be eliminated after completion of 12 semester hours in which a QPA of 3.0 or better is earned. No C's may be earned during this period.

Curriculum and Instruction Retention

  • Graduate students must take a minimum of nine semester hours per calendar year and a QPA of 3.0 or higher must be maintained. Students not taking a minimum of nine semester hours per calendar year will be considered inactive after two years.
  • Only courses with a minimum grade of C are considered applicable to this program.
  • Transfer credits up to nine semester hours from accredited institutions, other than Bloomsburg University may, upon approval, be accepted toward completing the degree requirements of this program. However, no courses will be transferred in which a grade less than a B was earned. Pass/fail grades are not acceptable.

Curriculum and Instruction Program Completion

  • Graduate students complete 30 semester hours of approved course work and a departmental paper, and apply for graduation. All deficiencies, monetary and academic, must be satisfied before the degree can be granted. A candidate for a master's degree must complete the student portion of the Application for Graduation, sign the form and submit it to your program coordinator for verification of degree requirements.
  • After approval, the application is submitted to the registrar by the following deadlines for each graduation:
    • May graduation — March 15
    • August graduation — April 1
    • December graduation — Oct. 15
  • Form must be received in the registrar's office by those dates. If not, names will not appear in the commencement program and the diploma may be delayed.

A minimum of 33 credits are required for the certification track of the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction.

The following courses are required:

EDFOUND-527 Classroom Management and Effective Discipline
EDFOUND-561 Measurement and Evaluation in Secondary Schools or PROFSTUD 501 Teaching, Learning & Assessment
EDFOUND-565 Advanced Foundations of Education or EDFOUND-531 Adapting Teaching Strategies
EDFOUND-584 Curriculum and Instruction Theory, Design and Development
SECED-530 Foundations of Teaching
SECED-597 Practicum (6 credits)
SPECED-516 Psychology of Exceptional Individuals
PROFSTUD-591 Research in Education
EDFOUND-506 Multicultural Education or PROFSTUD-593 Studies in Diversity

Any 500 level Educational Technology course, such as:

EDFOUND-504 Computers and Teaching
EDFOUND-515 Integrating Technology in Teaching
EDFOUND-516 Computers and the Curriculum
EDFOUND-512 Computer Media
EDFOUND-522 Internet for Teachers

Note: These courses are also required IF you have not already taken similar courses or have not developed these competencies.
SPECED-557 Lining Assessment & Instruction for Individuals w/disabilities
SPEDED-558 Methods of Instruction for Individuals w/disabilities
PROFSTUD-594 ELL Strategies

A minimum of 30 credits are required for the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction without Certification.

The following courses are required:

EDL 502 Data Driven Decisions

EDL 503 School Law and Finance

EDL-505 Curriculum Theory and Design

PROFSTUD‐591 Research in Education OR

EDL 590 Educational Research

Elective Concentration (18 credits)
Departmental Paper Required

The Husky Difference

Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation is one of only two nationally recognized accrediting bodies for educator preparation
CAEP accreditation ensures we prepare new teachers to know their subjects, their students, and have the clinical training that allows them to enter the classroom ready to teach effectively.
100% Online
Delivered 100% online through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous classes

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