Data science is among the fastest growing careers in the job market

Data Science (B.S.)

Data science is among the fastest growing careers in the job market. Become a business intelligence analyst, data mining engineer, or data architect, just to name a few potential job titles, according to Data scientists are a new generation of analytical data experts who have the theoretical background and technical skills to solve complex problems, as well as the curiosity to explore the significant problems of the future.

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Excited about self-driving cars and voice recognition?

Researching human behavior using social media?

The field of data science focuses on learning methods to extract meaning and the hidden truth from data. Sound interesting? It really is! It's a combination of techniques and theories from many fields including mathematics, computers science, statistics, machine learning, pattern recognition, communication studies and ethics.

Bloomsburg University's data science major equips you to draw conclusions from data, using knowledge of statistical inference, computational technology, data management skills and related theories. Study practical and scientific topics, learning how to carry out analyses of data through the full cycle of the investigative process.

Participate in a project-based capstone course that synthesizes the skills and knowledge learned in the various disciplines that encompass data science. BU’s Department of Mathematical and Digital Sciences is ready to help you become a data scientist.

What you will learn in data science

  • Foundations in mathematics, statistics and programming
  • Data visualization, communication and interpretation skills
  • Data management technologies including databases and Hadoop, cloud storage and cloud computing
  • Machine learning algorithms. For example, but not limited to k-nearest neighbors (kNN), logistic regression, ridge regression and LASSO, decision trees and Random Forests, Naïve bayes, support vector machine (SVM), and convolutional neural network (cNN)


Courses and Curriculum

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of a data mining engineer, according to
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College of Distinction
Bloomsburg has earned national recognition as a College of Distinction, honored for its quality and high-impact practices.
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next seven years, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics

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