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Emergent Media

Driven by industry standards, our Emergent Media program is focused on social media, podcasting, web design, and digital content creation. We offer a robust set of courses that enhance these skills which are in high demand from employers. We also offer an Emergent Media minor, which students in Communication Studies, Psychology, Political Science, English, Marketing, and other departments often take to complement what they are learning in their majors. Every business, non-profit, and organization has a need for social media, websites, and digital promotion, no matter what industry they are in.

Degrees & Offerings
  • B.A.
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What can you do with Emergent Media? Here are a sample of the jobs our recent graduates have obtained!

  • Web design and development
  • Social media manager
  • Social media influencer
  • Digital marketing
  • Earned media
  • Podcasting
  • Public relations

Program Outcomes: 

Upon successfully completing this program, students will be able to:  

  1. Analyze and critique media using media literacy frameworks and theories. 
  2. Design and develop websites. 
  3. Create compelling visuals, brands, logos, and infographics. 
  4. Record and edit podcasts using audio editing software. 
  5. Distribute content and connect with audiences using current social media platforms. 
  6. Write and blog according to industry standards using content management systems. 
  7. Promote digital content by incorporating search engine optimization and social media marketing techniques.

Courses and Curriculum

Required Core Courses (30 credits)

MEDJ 110    Intro to Mass Communications, 3 credits                 
MEDJ 190    Writing for the Mass Media (WRIT 103 or WRIT 101 & 102), 3 credits          
MEDJ 120    Introduction to Emergent Media, 3 credits                      
MEDJ 240    News and Democracy (MDIA 115), 3 credits                     
MEDJ 250    Public Relations Theory and Practice, 3 credits                    
MEDJ 270    Digital Video Production, 3 credits           
MEDJ 390    Media Law and Ethics, 3 credits                   
MEDJ 391    Research Methods in Mass Communications, 3 credits               
MEDJ 497    Capstone - Senior Seminar, 3 credits                       
MEDJ 498    Internship in Mass Communications, 3 credits                    
Elective Courses in the Concentration (minimum of 12 credits)

Emergent Media Electives           

MEDJ 220    Introduction to Multimedia, 3 credits                    
MEDJ 221    Podcasting and Social Media, 3 credits                      
MEDJ 222    Introduction to Visual Communications, 3 credits                      
MEDJ 320    Social Media Analytics, 3 credits              
MEDJ 420    Emergent Media Workshop Topic: (MDIA 120), 3 credits                    

General Electives                     

MEDJ 210    Cinema Appreciation, 3 credits                   
MEDJ 298    Practicum (able to take 3 times), 1 credit                 
MEDJ 310    Sport, Media and Society, 3 credits                     
MEDJ 315    Media Programming and Management, 3 credits                   
MEDJ 410    Media and Culture, 3 credits             
MEDJ 490    Seminar in Mass Communications Topic, 3 credits                

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