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Physician Preparation Program (PCOM) (B.A.)

Thinking of pursuing a medical degree? Then this program offers an attractive option!

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A combined Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry-Doctor of Osteopathy dual degree accelerated program that can be either three years at Bloomsburg University plus four years at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM), or four traditional years at Bloomsburg plus four years at PCOM.

Students accepted into the Accelerated Bloomsburg-PCOM Physician Preparation Program are admitted to Bloomsburg following our standard undergraduate admissions procedures.

  • After one year of undergraduate work, you indicate your desire to be in the joint program as either an “accelerated” 3+4 student or a traditional 4+4 student.
  • We then forward your name on to Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM), and they would communicate with you regarding the program.
  • The accelerated program is completed in 7 years: 3 years at BU to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry plus 4 at PCOM to earn the Doctor of Osteopathy degree.
  • The traditional 4+4 program is open to any major and is completed in 8 years, with 4 at BU and 4 at PCOM. Participation in these programs does not prevent you from applying to other medical schools.

While at BU, you must satisfy these requirements up to (and throughout) your junior year:

  • The candidate must have earned (on the 4.0 grading system) the following minimum grade point averages at BU: for the 3+4 program, 3.75 overall; for the 4+4 program, 3.25 overall.
  • The candidate must take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) no later than April of the junior year for 3+4 students (or senior year for 4+4 students) at BU. The candidate must earn a minimum rank in the 50 percentile for each section of the MCAT to be considered for admission.
  • Complete an application to PCOM which includes a letter of recommendation from an osteopathic physician.

Once these requirements are met, your application is then submitted to PCOM. There are three guaranteed seats for any Bloomsburg students meeting the above requirements and having a successful interview at PCOM.

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American Chemical Society
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