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Physics (B.A.) (B.S.) (B.S.Ed.)

From the tiniest subatomic particles to the entire universe, the field of physics attempts to explain the basic laws of nature by examining the interactions of matter and energy. Harness your energy, sharpen your intellect, and blaze your own path onward and upward!

Degrees & Offerings
  • B.A.
  • B.S.Ed.
  • B.S.
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Professor, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Engineering and Physics
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Explore new ideas and opportunities through the many fields of physics such as mechanics, electricity and magnetism, atomic, nuclear, electronics, optics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, and astrophysics. While large research institutions emphasize research conducted by post docs and grad students, our program is aimed at you, the undergraduate. And we design research opportunities with you in mind - or you can structure your own research project with a faculty mentor. All of our upper-level physics classes are small. Our faculty are regularly available to help. All of our laboratories are taught by faculty rather than graduate students. 

And get used to being hands-on with high-tech equipment. As you can tell, our program features a hands-on learning environment. In addition to our general physics labs, we have labs in optics, electronics, and nuclear radiation. Our program also features an ultra-cold atomic physics laboratory (UltraColdBloom) with connections to a sister laboratory at the Sorbonne in Paris. Students have the opportunity to work in UltraColdBloom as early as their first year, and some students have even worked in Paris. 

If France isn't your destination, maybe space is your frontier for exploration. Conduct research on astrophysics using the Kepler Space Telescope and the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite. Take it a step farther, and gain valuable experience by presenting your research results at professional meetings or conferences.  After graduation, those graduating with the B.S. degree most often pursue graduate degrees in fields such as physics, health physics, astronomy, engineering, or other related fields, while others use their skills to attain careers in government agencies or in industry.

At BU, we offer both bachelor of science and bachelor of arts degree programs in physics.

Both degrees programs provide a solid foundation for those wishing to pursue physics related careers. The B.A. requires fewer credits that enables students to pursue as a second major.

The B.A. degree is used by students in:

  • Engineering 3+2 - Bloomsburg University's Engineering 3+2 program consists of three years at Bloomsburg followed by two years at Penn State University. After five years, students receive a bachelor of arts from Bloomsburg (most often in physics or mathematics, although other majors are possible) along with a bachelor of science in engineering from Penn State.

        Engineering 3+2 Details!

  • Secondary Education: Physics - Bloomsburg University offers an accredited program for the preparation of high school physics teachers. The bachelor in science in education degree is provided through the Department of Educational Studies and Secondary Education and is supported by the Department of Physics and Engineering Technology. Real schools, real classrooms and real students with all the exuberance, curiosity... and restlessness of children. BU's College of Education pairs a strong teaching foundation in fundamentals with opportunities to work with children throughout your college life. A central component of BU's teacher education programs is the provision of quality field experiences. These experiences broaden the teacher candidate’s understanding of effective classroom instruction and establish a platform for the transfer of theory and translation of research into practice.

The Husky Difference

Job Growth Projected
Physics alumni are in demand, secure exciting internships, and work in industry and school settings.
Students walking into Commencement Ceremony
Ph.D. Pathway
5% of alumni pursue a doctorate. Princeton University, Stanford University, and others have welcomed Huskies into their programs.
College of Distinction
College of Distinction
Bloomsburg has earned national recognition as a College of Distinction, honored for its quality and high-impact practices.
Grads to Grad School
In addition to our broad array of physics and engineering courses, our department provides tutoring for the Physics GRE.


Students who do well in physics are self-starting individuals with a strong desire to learn as many practical and theoretical skills as possible. Become not only a student, but a career professional who does more than learn from a book; be one who uses all available resources and explores further.

Potential Job Opportunities

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Physicist
  • Civil Engineer
  • Acoustical Engineer
  • Physics Ph.D.

Top Skills Employers are Looking For

  • Electronics
  • Machine Shop Utilization
  • Computer Programming
  • Theoretical Physics

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