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Special Education: PK-12 and Early Childhood PK-4 (Dual)

Students enrolled in special education have the opportunity to student teach in public schools, intermediate units, approved private schools, preschools, state centers, adjudicated environments and hospitals. Student teaching assignments are located within seven select counties neighboring Bloomsburg University.

Degrees & Offerings
  • B.S.Ed.
Program Contact
Chair of the Department of Exceptionality Programs, Associate Professor
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Intensive pre-student teaching experiences are also available through advanced sequence coursework and professional development schools. To meet Pennsylvania teacher certification requirements, special education majors must have six credits of:

  • College level mathematics
  • College level English comprised of composition and literature

Requirements for the major include a minimum of 67 semester hours of professional education course work leading up to (prior to) student teaching. Incoming freshmen as well as transfer students are required to enroll in the Department of Exceptionality Programs’ Orientation to Special Education course (one credit) during the initial semester of enrollment in this program of study.

Courses and Curriculum

Bloomsburg University requires a minimum of 40 hours of general education coursework and General Education Points. Most general education courses are prescribed to meet teacher certification requirements in a time efficient manner.

Prescribed coursework is required for dual certification in Special Education (PK-12) and Early Childhood Education (PK-4). This includes credit hours earned through the student teaching experience. Incoming freshmen as well as internal and external transfer students into the program are required to enroll in the Department of Exceptionality Programs’ Orientation to Special Education course (one credit).

General Ed. Requirements

Please refer to the program sheets.

Professional Education Courses

Please refer to the program sheets.

• AUDSLP.432 ELL: Comm/Educational Strategies or PROFSTUD.494 ESL Strategies/Methods
• CSD.432 ELL: Comm/Educational Strategies or PROFSTUD.494 ESL Strategies/Methods
• EDFOUND.291 Principles of Teaching
• EDFOUND 406 Multicultural Educ
• PROFSTUD.414 Child, Family, & Community Engagement
• ELEMED.121 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
• ELEMED.331 Teaching Science/Env Education PK-4
• ELEMED.334 Teaching Reading EC 1-4
• ELEMED.336 Teaching Social Studies EC PK-4
• ELEMED.340 Teaching Math EC 1-4
• PROFSTUD.347 Play & Expressive Arts for the Developing Child
• ELEMED. 410 Methods/Materials ECE
• SPECED.099 Co-curricular Experience
• SPECED. 100 Orientation Spec. Ed.
• SPECED.101 Introduction to Individuals with Exceptionalities
• SPECED.202 Technology for Individuals with Exceptionalities
• SPECED.206 Introduction to Early Intervention
• SPECED.275 Linking Assessment/Instruction
• SPECED.358 Methods of Instruction
• SPECED.410 Autism Spectrum Disorder Seminar
• SPECED.417 Behavior Intervention and Support
• SPECED.430 Instructional Practices PK-8 (Mod/Sev)
• SPECED.433 Literacy Instruction
• SPECED.446 Assessment Practicum
• SPECED.449 Assessment and Planning
• SPECED.450 Instructional Practices PK-8 (Mild)
• SPECED.488 Student Teaching I
• SPECED.489 Student Teaching II
• SPECED.461 Student Teaching Seminar

The Husky Difference

Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation is one of only two nationally recognized accrediting bodies for educator preparation
CAEP accreditation ensures we prepare new teachers to know their subjects, their students, and have the clinical training that allows them to enter the classroom ready to teach effectively.

Special Education Deep Dive

Be the teacher who inspires your students to greater heights

What inspired me to pursue special education?
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Dinangeli Diaz '24
Special Education
Early childhood elementary education major ready for graduation

I’ve been prepared through observations, practicum experience, and student teaching. I’ve seen many different environments of teaching, all different than the next. All environments have inspired me to become the best educator I can, all thanks to Bloomsburg.

Cassidy Larkin '21
Early Childhood and Special Education
Early childhood elementary education major ready for graduation

Program Contacts

Robin Drogan

Robin Drogan, Ph.D.

  • Graduate Program Coordinator of Exceptionality Programs, Associate Professor

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