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Supervisory Curriculum and Instruction Certificate PK-12

Elevate your educational career and impact student success and outcomes with our Supervisory Certification in Curriculum and Instruction.

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Graduate Program Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction (without certification), Educational Leadership, Principal Certification, Supervisory C&I Certification
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The PK-12 Supervisory Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction is for practicing educators with proven experience and is offered as either a Master's in Educational Leadership (M.Ed.) or as Certification only. Our program is designed to enhance the professional curricular and instructional competencies of individuals who work with children, youth, and adults. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide job-embedded learning through various situations and settings. We also strive to constantly integrate present principals and administrators into our program to create meaningful learning experiences to our future school leaders. The supervisory certification program is endorsed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and allows successful program completers the ability to hold an administrative position (other than building principal) in most all PA public institutions.

The program requires candidates to complete job-embedded field work and a district-level internship learning experience under the mentorship of a seasoned district leader.

Courses and Curriculum

Program Admission

  • Complete a graduate school application
  • Submit all official undergraduate & graduate (if applicable) transcript(s). Minimum undergraduate GPA of a 3.0 required.
  • Submit a Statement of Goals that explains the applicant’s reasons for pursuing a principal certification
  • Submit a current resume.
  • Submit a copy of a current PA Instructional Certificate
  • Submit three (3) letters of recommendation that address the applicant’s leadership ability, capacity to be a successful school principal, academic suitability, and professional demeanor

Academic Requirements

Candidates for the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership PK-12 Supervisory Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction program are typically required to complete 30 credits with the option of transferring in up to 9 credits from another university. Those candidates seeking the PK-12 Supervisory Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction only are required to complete 24 credits and also have the option of transferring in up to 9 credits from another university

Classes are typically offered during the evening 5 to 8 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

  • PDE Approved for PK-12 Supervisory Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction.
  • Online classes are available and growing! A student can earn their certification online with the exception of the required practicum/internship.
  • Students are required to have a seasoned (at least three years’ experience) principal act as your mentor throughout the program.


Graduate students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students who do not take classes in either the Fall and/or Spring semester(s) will be considered inactive in MyHusky. Students are required to contact their Academic Advisor or Graduate Program Coordinator with their request to be reactivated. Their request is then forwarded to the Graduate Office, who will process the reactivation. Students have six calendar years to complete their chosen degree or certification program.

Transfer Credits

Upon acceptance, students desiring to transfer credits may make this request upon application to their chosen program. Upon approval, degree students may transfer up to a maximum of nine semester hours or parallel courses (determined by BU) from accredited institutions. These courses will be applied towards completing the degree requirements of the program. However, no courses will be transferred in which a grade less than a B was earned. Pass/fail grades are not acceptable.

Pennsylvania Requirements for Certification

(As taken from the PDE website *)

Issuance of the Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction certificate requires a minimum of five years certified school experience in an instructional area. Preparation for this professional certificate is at the graduate level and presumes in-depth study in the area of Curriculum and Instruction. A person prepared as a Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction may be eligible for certification provided the applicant:

  • Has completed an approved program of graduate study preparing the applicant for the broad area, district-wide supervisory functions specified by the endorsement area of the certificate. (Preparation completed out-of-state must meet Pennsylvania standards for certification.)
  • Is recommended for certification by the authorized certification officer of the institution where such education was obtained, or holds a comparable certificate from another state (for out-of-state graduates only).
  • Provides a chief school administrator's verification of the completion of five years of satisfactory professional school experience as mentioned above. (22 PA Code Section 49.111).
  • Has provided evidence of satisfactory achievement on assessments prescribed by the Department under Section 49.18(a). [PRAXIS Specialty Area Test: 0411 (Paper) and 5412 (Computer); Qualifying Score of 143]
  • Is able to meet all other requirements provided by law.

(*) Please see the PDE website for additional requirements for PDE certification and for any updates as certification requirements may change over time.

Candidates for the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership PK-12 Supervisory Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction program are typically required to complete 30 credits in order to earn their Master's degree, while 24 credits are required for those candidates seeking the PK-12 Supervisory Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction only.

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PK-12 Supervisory Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction Only - Course Sequence Worksheet


M.Ed. PK-12 Supervisory Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction - Course Sequence Worksheet





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