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Theatre (Minor)

This minor will provide you with a strong foundation of theatre. It can be paired with numerous majors to enhance your career opportunities or simply pursued to cultivate a personal interest and love of theatre making.

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Commonwealth University Theatre Minor Checklist

Effective Fall 2023

Theatre Minor Core (13 credits)

THEA108: Theatre Practicum - At least 1 credit
THEA270: Fundamentals of Theatre Design - 3 credits

3 credits (1 class) selected from following options:

THEA102: Introduction to Theatre - 3 credits
THEA103: Theatre Appreciation - 3 credits

3 credits (1 class) selected from following options:

THEA105: Script Analysis - 3 credits
THEA205: History of Theatre I - 3 credits

3 credits (1 class) selected from following options:

THEA110: Introduction to Acting - 3 credits
THEA112: Fundamentals of Acting - 3 credits

Theatre Minor Electives (6 credits)

6 credits (2 classes) at 3xx or 4xx level in THEA or DANC

THEA______/DANC ______/: - 3 credits

THEA______/DANC ______/: - 3 credits

You can download this checklist here.

Courses and Curriculum

This checklist stated above is for students enrolling at Commonwealth University for the Fall 2023 semester and beyond. You can view this checklist here.

Minor Requirements

  • THEATRE 102 Introduction to Theatre

  • THEATRE 108 Theatre Practicum (2 enrollments, 1 must be for one credit; 2nd can be for 0 or 1 credit, depending on credit load the semester it is taken)

  • THEATRE 112 Fundamentals of Acting

  • THEATRE 270 Fundamentals of Theatre Design

  • Select ONE: THEATRE 211 Theatre Production, THEATRE 277 Costume Construction, or THEATRE 370 Stage Makeup (Prerequisite: THEATRE 270)

  • Select ONE: THEATRE 202 Understanding Plays: Script Analysis, THEATRE 215 Theatre History I, THEATRE 325 Theatre History II*, or THEATRE 416 Modern Theatre* (*Prerequisite for THEATRE 325 & 416 is THEATRE 215 or consent of instructor)

  • Select TWO additional courses from the Theatre and Dance Division's curriculum (six credits total)

At least six credits taken as any part of the minor requirements must be 300 or 400 level courses.

NOTE: Students enrolled prior to the Fall 2023 semester should speak directly with their assigned academic advisor about any questions regarding their specific requirements for graduation instead of using the linked document/text.


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