Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan MPN

Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan MPN

Dear Student:

A college education is one of the most important investments you can make.  If you need assistance to finance your education at Bloomsburg University, you may apply for a Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan.  Remember, the PLUS MPN is a legal document that holds you responsible for repayment of current and future loans.  The PLUS MPN is valid for 10 years and does not require you to complete another Note for subsequent borrowing unless you were required to use an endorser.  Prior to applying for this loan, you must first have exhausted your Federal Direct Student Loan eligibility.  If you have already received a GradPLUS Loan and were not required to use an endorser you may request additional loan by completing a "Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan Request Form".  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid if you have questions about your eligibility.

PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS.  It is important that you complete all 5 Steps to insure that your loan application is properly processed.  Failure to do so will delay the certification of your loan.  If you are not currently enrolled as a Bloomsburg University student or have been Admitted and but have not paid your Admissions Deposit, DO NOT SUBMIT THIS APPLICATION.  Please remember that before applying for this loan, you must have exhausted your Federal Direct Student Loan eligibility ($20,500) for the academic year.  Do not submit this application until that time.

STEP 1 - Complete Loan Entrance Counseling (All students must complete counseling regardless if they previously completed counseling for Federal Direct Student Loans)

According to Federal regulations, a student is required to complete an entrance counseling session prior to the release of the first disbursement of their first Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan made at the school they are currently attending.  At this time you will be informed of your rights and responsibilities as a borrower.  When a student borrows a loan, they are obligated to repay the loan after graduation or at such time as they cease to be enrolled on at least a half-time basis. 

If at any time throughout your college career you have any questions concerning your student loan, feel free to contact the Office of Financial Aid or your loan servicer.  You may also contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center at (800) 4-FED-AID with questions regarding the Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan or any other form of Federal Aid.

You may complete the counseling requirement at this time.  You will be directed to the Department of Education's StudentLoans.gov website.  After signing in, select the "Entrance Counseling" Option.   The counseling session must be completed in one sitting in order for it to be recorded.  Please remember that the student must also complete Steps 2 - 5 once the counseling session has been completed.  If you have any questions after completing the session, you may contact the Office of Financial Aid by e-mail or phone at (570)389-4297. 

Yes, I wish to complete my Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan Entrance Counseling The student not the parent must complete the counseling session.  If you experience any technical issues or have questions on the site you are being directed to, please call Applicant Services at 800-557-7394.

STEP 2 - Determine Credit Eligibility for Loan

SPECIAL NOTE WHEN YOU SHOULD APPLY:  Please use the following as to when you should apply for the loan.

  • Loan Term Beginning Summer 2015 - Apply on or after May 1, 2015
  • Loan Term Beginning Fall 2015 - Apply on or after June 1, 2015
  • Loan Term Beginning Spring 2016 - Apply on or after November 1, 2015

1.   Student must log into StudentLoans.govIf you experience any technical issues or have questions on this site, please call Applicant Services at 800-557-7394.

2.  Select "Request a Direct PLUS Loan".

3.  Select "Graduate PLUS".

4.  Complete requested information and follow instructions given.

5.  The credit decision will be provided at the end of the process.  If the credit is approved, proceed to STEP 3 - Submit Grad PLUS Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN).  If credit is denied, the student may appeal or apply with an endorser.  For more instruction on how to do this, please contact Applicant Services 800-557-7394.

STEP 3 - Submit Grad PLUS Master Promissory Note (MPN) 

1.  Student remains logged into StudentLoans.gov.   The student not the parent must complete the MPN.  If you experience any technical issues or have questions on the site you are being directed to, please call Applicant Services at 800-557-7394.

2.  Select "Complete MPN" (Located on left-hand menu).

3.  Select "Graduate PLUS".

4.  Complete requested information and follow instructions given.

STEP 4 - Submit Grad PLUS Request Form

In addition to the MPN, the student must complete the "Federal Direct Grad PLUS Request Form" and return the form to the Office of Financial Aid.  Without this form, the loan will not be processed.

STEP 5 - WHAT HAPPENS NEXT - Certification, Disbursement, & Reduction/Cancellation of Loan 

  • Bloomsburg University's Office of Financial Aid will certify your Direct Grad PLUS Loan once all required information has been received (i.e. completed FAFSA, completed MPN, completed Request Form, verification of at least half-time enrollment in an eligible program, and satisfactory progress earned).    Get more information on Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loans.  The Grad PLUS Loan will appear on the student's ISIS Self-Service Account when it has been processed.
  • The funds will be delivered through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) directly to your school account.  Get more information on tentative disbursement dates.  In order for the loan to be disbursed, the student must have a valid Grad PLUS MPN and submitted the Grad PLUS Request Form before the last day of enrollment for the term in which the loan is processed.  The student must meet eligibility requirements as previously discussed.  The student must be enrolled at least half-time at the time of disbursement.
  • Information on how to reduce or cancel the loan can be found at /aid/reduce_loan.