Drone wars at BloomCON


Bloomsburg’s annual digital forensics, cybersecurity, and hacking conference — held each spring — features a variety of speakers, unique workshops, and cybersecurity challenges.

7th annual BloomCON Forensics and Security Conference


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March 24-25, 2023

Friday Speakers

  • 8 - 8:45  Registration
  • 8:45 - 9:00 will be Welcome to BloomCON
  • 9 - 9:50 Larry Snyder, Keynote - Navigating the Cybersecurity Frontier
  • 10 - 10:50 Brian Martin, A Roadmap to Getting Hired in Tech
  • 11 - 11:50 Andrew Atkins, Trevor Kirchner, Joe Welfel, Vince Zee - A Road Map to Getting Hired in Tech 
  • Noon - 1 LUNCH
  • 1 - 1:25 Josh Sonntag, GIS in Telecom, Mobile Development
  • 1:30 - 2:20 Timothy Kusajtys, What We Do In The Shadows: Going Dark with Consumer Electronics
  • 2:30 - 2:55 Anna Albraccio, Women in Forensics
  • 3 - 3:50 Eric Ackerman, Show What You Know: Certifications in Cybersecurity
  • 4:00 - 4:25 Tyler Bailey, Phishing 101: Identification and Investigation
  • 4:30 - 5:20 Joel Prentice, 3 Ws of Penetration Testing
  • 5:30 - 5:55 Panel, Q&A Session

Friday Villages

Villages run all day

  • BCDC/DF Club — Lock picking
  • Hakeem Thomas — Resume Review
  • Thomas and Brad — CTF
  • Luna Alexander — Headshots (Professional Photos)
  • Air National Guard — Blue team demonstration by our cyber defenders
  • Nick Ascoli — Fully online OSINT / CTF

Saturday Speakers

  • 8 - 8:45 Registration
  • 8:45 - 9:00 will be Welcome to BloomCON
  • 9 - 9:50 David and Daniel Pany, Keynote - Two Perspectives of One Forensic Investigation
  • 10 - 10:25 Phillip Wylie, Pentesting Experience and Where to Get It
  • 10:30 - 10:55 Don Dobson, Vulnerability Management Program Overview
  • 11 - 11:50 Darin Fredde, The Road Ahead: The Risk of Building Marketecture
  • Noon - 1 Lunch
  • 1 - 1:25 Korey Young, Fuzzing 101
  • 1:30 - 2:20 John Riley, The Portable Executable Header
  • 2:30 - 3:20 Charles Pearsall, Mark Miszkurka, David Cintz, Navigating Your Security Career (Panel)
  • 3:30 - 4:20 Alex Muentz, Do we have the wrong incentives for security?
  • 4:30 - 5:20 Austin Pasquel & Ben Kalberer, Hunting Season
  • 5:30 - 6 Dr. Phil, Small plane insecurities

Saturday Villages

Villages run all day

  • BCDC/DF Club — Lock picking
  • Hakeem Thomas — Mock Interviews
  • Chris Grube — CTF
  • Air National Guard — Blue team demonstration by our cyber defenders
  • Nick Ascoli — Fully online OSINT / CTF

We're officially accepting sponsorship applications for BloomCON 0x07, which will feature a number of speaking and workshop tracks, villages, and pre-conference workshops.


    The event will be held on the Bloomsburg University campus in the Kehr Union Building. We're inviting attendees from other universities in the region and also expect some forensics and infosec professionals from across the country, such as U.S. Bank.

    Bloomsburg has around 230 digital forensics majors who traditionally attend this event. In its seven years, BloomCON has attracted more than 4,000 attendees. For these and other reasons we anticipate a large percentage of attendees will be seeking entry-level employment and internships within the industry. This should be a great opportunity for companies wanting to hire the best and brightest.

    Sponsorship Opportunities

    Sponsorship is available at the following levels:

    Double Diamond $10,000:
    • Listed as a double diamond sponsor in all event materials
    • VIP access and swag
    • Largest booth space (if desired)
    • Up to ten free DD badges
    • Most say in what you sponsor
    Diamond $5,000:
    • Listed as a diamond sponsor in all event materials
    • VIP access and swag
    • Largest booth space (if desired)
    • Up to ten free badges
    Platinum $2,500:
    • Listed as a platinum sponsor in all event materials
    • VIP access and swag
    • Larger booth space (if desired)
    • Five free badges
    Gold $1,500
    • Listed as a gold sponsor in all event materials
    • Standard booth space (if desired)
    • Four free badges
    Silver $1,000
    • Listed as a silver sponsor on website
    • Standard booth space (if desired)
    • Three free badges
    Bronze $500
    • Listed as a bronze sponsor on website
    • Standard booth space (if desired)
    • Two free badges
    Copper $200 (non-profits only)
    • Listed as a copper sponsor on website
    • Standard booth space (if desired)
    • One free badge

    Conference Organization

    The conference is being run by Bloomsburg's Digital Forensics Club, which is a hub of activity for the university's 200-plus digital forensics majors.


    To ensure that sponsors are properly listed in conference materials, sponsorship contracts and funds should be received no later than Feb. 15, 2023. Sponsorship contracts and funds will be accepted up until March 16, 2023, but the conference cannot guarantee the sponsor will be listed in all materials, especially any apparel which might be produced.

    Online Sponsorship Payment

    For your convenience, you may pay for your sponsorship at giving.bloomu.edu/donate/bloomcon-sponsorship-donation-form


    Contact Dr. Phil Polstra, Professor, Digital Forensics at ppolstra@bloomu.edu to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

    We're officially accepting presentation and workshop submissions. We'll be hosting multiple speaking and workshop tracks. We're looking for talks of 25 or 50 minutes in length.

    If you have something you would like to share please send the following to: lsnyder@bloomu.edu

    • your name or handle/alias
    • the presentation name/title
    • a brief topic abstract (1-2 paragraphs)
    • what kind of thing you are submitting from the following list 25-minute talk, 50-minute talk
    • a brief bio (100% optional item, but if your talk is chosen it saves the time and trouble of asking for it later)

    All submissions are due by Feb. 10, 2023.

    However, we may be making some early selections from amongst the submissions. Please submit your stuff early.

    If you present at the BloomCON, you will receive

    • free BloomCON admission for you and three adult guests
    • whatever speaker swag we can muster with our limited budget
    • transportation to/from IPT or AVP and Bloomsburg, PA if required
    • minimal fame, glory, and possibly even notoriety
    • bragging rights for speaking at BloomCON

    Please be aware that we are unable to sponsor travel accommodations at this time. That said, your company (if any) will be listed as a bronze sponsor in all event materials and will be permitted a booth at the event. We may have limited funding to cover hotel rooms if needed.

    Lock picking at BloomCON
    • Lock picking
    • Hardware hacking
    • Internet of Things
    • Car hacking
    • Drone Hacking and Flight Control (see DroneWars.bloomu.edu)
    • Social engineering
    • Digital forensics
    • WiFi hacking
    • Capture the Flag
    • Lock picking
    • Social engineering
    • Digital forensics
    • WiFi hacking
    • Capture the Flag
    • Open source intelligence (OSINT)
    • Hardware hacking
    • Networking party with Dual Core
    illustration of Carver Hall
    Drone wars at BloomCON

    Drone Wars Competition

    Drone Wars, done in conjunction with the Department of Mathematical and Digital Sciences and U.S. Army, is included with BloomCON. The goal is to take over a Wi-Fi connected drone and fly it through an obstacle course in the shortest amount of time.

    Hack4Kidz event at BloomCON

    Hak4Kidz Conference

    BloomCON's Hak4Kidz conference is an expo of STEM and critical thinking challenges. The conference is informal and fun with come-and-go stations and exciting workshops that families can experience together.

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