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Whether you are still Exploring or Deciding on a major or career path, looking for some big experiences that will give you a hiring advantage, or are ready to start checking off those first professional achievements, we have you covered at the Greenly Center!

EXPLORE and DECIDE Participate in free virtual webinars and in-person workshops to help pinpoint your career goals, write a resume, start networking via LinkedIn, dress for success and more. Visit potential internship hosts and employers at any of our boutique career expos throughout the year! Take a Husky Career Road Trip to tour an organization in an industry of interest. Activate your Handshake Profile to keep up with every opportunity and connect with employers!

EXPERIENCE and ACHIEVE Even if you still aren’t sure where your path will lead, but especially if you do, start getting workplace experience through job shadowing, internship, study abroad or independent research. Attend Professional U networking events with alumni and make connections with working professionals. Attend various Career expos throughout the year or participate in on-campus or virtual interviews.

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5 Things to do RIGHT NOW

  1. Activate your Handshake Profile. This is #1. If you do nothing else today, do this!
  2. Follow us on instagram @bloomuengaged for alumni takeovers, student stories, and updates on programming
  3. Create your LinkedIn Profile (LinkedIn labs and head shots available at the Greenly Center). Activate your Merit Profile and include a link to your Merit page on your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Sign up for text announcements on the Remind app. Text the following, which corresponds to your class year:
    • 2021: text @Bloomu2021 to 81010
    • 2022: text @Bloomu2022 to 81010
    • 2023: text @Bloomu2023 to 81010
    • 2024: text @Bloomu2024 to 81010
  5. Find/Attend a Career Expo for an industry of interest on Handshake
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Resumes and Cover Letters

Employers may receive hundreds of resumes from interested applicants. Writing an effective cover letter and resume that will catch their attention and highlight your qualifications and skills is critical to getting that interview.

  • Check Handshake to find out when the next Resume Lab will be held at the Greenly Center or make an appointment to review your documents with a Peer Career Coach
  • Use the Resume, Cover letter, and other Toolkits available on Handshake/Career Center to get started
  • Upload your completed resume and other documents to Handshake and LinkedIn to make yourself visible to future employers and graduate programs

Career Resources and Materials

  • Practice interviewing with alumni at various events or with a Peer Career Coach at the Greenly Center. Mock interview opportunities are found throughout the year and can be virtual or in-person. Other helpful resources include toolkit topics on:
    • Interviewing, Graduate School, Job Search, LinkedIn, and Preparing for Career Expos
  • Take some time to watch the recorded alumni-led webinars listed in Handshake:

    • Summer Intern Series, Careers in Research, Student Teacher - Advice from the Field, Balancing Work Life, and Wellbeing, What Your Future Boss is Looking for, Staying Engaged in Your Community, and much more!
  • Professional and Peer Career Coaching

    • How do you decide on a career? How do you start a resume or cover letter? Make an appointment in Handshake or find the next of our regularly scheduled labs or workshops!
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    Career Closet

    Important events and opportunities

    • Find your fit at the Career Closet
      • Interview coming up? Going to the next career expo? Doing a presentation or attending a conference? Students can obtain 1 full professional outfit per semester FREE of charge! Visit the Greenly Center M-Th 8am - 7pm and Fridays from 8am -  4:30pm
    • [Don't Be] Fooled by the Fork Etiquette Dinner
      • What is your job interview was at a restaurant? Do you know what fork to use? Should you get soup? What is the best thing to order? Who orders first? Do you pay? Get comfortable with formal and professional dining at the next [Don't Be] Fooled by the Fork Etiquette Dinner. Register on Handshake!

    High Impact Experiences

    • Career Intensive Boot Camp: Get Comfortable, Get Confident, and Get Connected at the CIBC! For one full weekend each semester, the CIBC is an intense experience that takes you from college student to confident professional! Don't think that can happen in one weekend? Try us! Check Handshake for event dates and details.
    • Explore industries, practice interacting with employers and find that next job or internship at a Career Connections Expo! Expos are industry specific events that help students and hiring companies connect. Make a connection as a first-year student and follow up throughout your time at BU to give you a better shot at getting that position!
      • Before you go, find an Expo Prep Toolkit on Handshake or visit the Greenly Center for help!
    • Virtual and In-Person Networking
      • Need a quiet, professional space to do a virtual interview with all the technology necessary to make it a success? Reserve a Sekisui Professional Experience Lab at the Greenly Center! Attend a LinkedIn Lab and get your profile polished and some help reaching out to alumni on the platform. You can also stop by to get a professional headshot M-F 8am - 4:30pm
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    Career Expo

    Professional U Support

    Alumni & Professional Engagement is a strong supporter of Professional U at Bloomsburg University! Since Professional U looks different in every college, every career, and every student, make an appointment with your academic advisor to make sure you are taking advantage of all that Professional U has to offer in your major. Then come see us at the Greenly Center to see how we can help you be even more prepared.

    Professional Career Coaches and College Liaisons:

    Learn from Fellow Huskies!

    Here are some students who have made the climb work for them! See what it takes to go from #Husky2Hired

    Joe Dutkiewicz ‘18 credits the Career Intensive Boot Camp for having a professional position lined up before graduation. Just 48 Hours after receiving his degree, he started his career as a Technical Business Analyst.

    Three BU students tell their stories about what they’ve learned from campus resources, alumni networks and career experiences.


    Alumni frequently return to campus to impart their wisdom to students

    Laura Bruaw ‘19, Associate Technology Translater, PPL Utilities

    Cathy Carr Zavacki ‘99, Award winning high school chemistry teacher

    Lt Col Jennifer Saraceno ‘92 shares the wisdom of self-care

    Dennis Seigmann ’68 Volunteered for the first time virtually from his home in Florida

    Tamika Austin ‘13/’15M began as a first gen student and has retuned to lead the pack

    Matt Croyle '95 volunteered the use of the elementary school of which he was principal for the first ever Baseball Career Night

    Jeremy Zezza '19 shared the "look" of a successful climb! 



    Employers are part of the pack! 

    Here are a few that you will likely see around campus:

    Enterprise Holdings is part of the Village

    At Clark Associates, Husky grit contributes to employee and community development

    BU Grads are a great fit at WebFX

    Mock Interview

    Alumni & Professional Engagement proudly supports the ProfessionalU initiative at Bloomsburg University

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