Ballroom with a Twist

Celebrity Artist Series

Ballroom with a Twist

Ballroom with a Twist

Saturday, Oct. 26 at 8 p.m.
Mitrani Hall, Haas Center for the Arts
Tickets — $45 Adult, $22 Child/BU Student

Can't get your fill of “Dancing with the Stars,” “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance?”

Take your enjoyment of live talent-based reality TV shows to the next level! Coming out of the TV and onto the Mitrani Stage, Ballroom With A Twist is an extravagant evening of entertainment for the entire family highlighted by stunning costumes, fantastic music and breathtaking performances, directed and choreographed by international world champion, Emmy nominated, “Dancing With the Stars” Louis van Amstel.

Ballroom With A Twist brings a frenzy of sizzling dance arrangements by professional international dancers executing all their jaw-dropping moves.

And if the booming bass and magnificent dancers aren’t enough to keep you ogling, several of your favorite “American Idol” finalists will join the bill with their powerhouse hit songs.

If you love watching the cha-cha rattle on the television screen, getting up close and live beneath the fringe and sequins is a whole other ballgame you will want to experience.