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Chinese Club Reassembles Dragon (Mike, Colton, Dillan, Kelly).
  • Click this link for info on Chinese Major -> Program Information
  • Study-abroad Centers:
       - Beijing Normal University []
       - Tunghai University (Taiwan) []
  • The Chinese Minor with18 credits requires the following:

I. Language Communication Foundations (12 credits)

CHIN101 Elementary Chinese I
CHIN102 Elementary Chinese II
CHIN203 Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN204 Intermediate Chinese II

II. Minor Electives (6 credits)

ARH230 Intro to Asian Art
CHIN211 Chinese History, Culture, and Civilization
CHIN212 Chinese Film, Literature, and Culture
CHIN380 Special Topics in Chinese Studies
CHIN393 Independent Study
*CHIN490 Advanced Chinese Conversation
*CHIN491 Advanced Chinese Reading
*CHIN492 Advanced Chinese Listening
DFC311 Security Fundamentals
HIST132 Asian History to 1500
HIST133 Asian History since 1500
HIST 313 Nationalism in Asia
HIST 324 Environmental History of Asia
HIST 334 China and India in Historical Perspective
HIST 354 History of Modern Japan
HIST 356 History of Modern China
HIST 360 Modern Korea
HIST 451 Imperial Japan, 1890-1945
PHI211 Eastern Approaches to Reality
POLI252 Asian Politics
POLI258 China and the World
POLI466 International Relations of Asia Pacific
SOC361 China Culture and Society
WLCU200 Comparative Cultural Studies
WLCU201 International Short Story
WLCU202 Diversity in World Cinema
WLCU210 World City Studies
WLCU320 International Travel and Tourism
WLCU321 International Etiquette and Protocol
WLCU325 Cultural Diplomacy and Strategic Influence
WLCU301 Introduction to Translation Studies
WLCU395 Service Learning
WLCU400 Comparative Language Studies: Linguistics and History
WLCU490 Global Experience
WLCU498 Internship

Notes: 1. In the Electives Category, minimum 3 credits must be in CHIN.
2. Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are offered through study abroad.

Program Director

Dr. Jing Luo
Department of Languages and Cultures

President (2024): Brianna Sears

VP (2024): Andrew Sporea

Seven BU students who double-major in Chinese spent an inspiring semester at Beijing Normal University in Spring 2017. The Chinese Major requires study abroad and a transfer of 15 credits. The photo was taken at “The Laker’s” a pub next to BNU campus where international students enjoy hanging out.

Chinese Group Beijing Normal University

From left: Katherine Neteler, Chinese and Speech Pathology; Danielle Franklin, Chinese and Business; Alexis Mendoza, Chinese and Anthropology; Joey Waack, Chinese and Business; Ashabria Mangum, Chinese and Political Science; Jordan Collins, Chinese and Sociology (Jordan continues to study at BNU in fall 2018 beyond required courses. His endeavor is to be fluent in the language); Anastasia Timofeeva, Chinese and Engineering; Dr. Jing Luo

Study Abroad Tips for Beijing Normal University

Congratulations to Mitchel Becker and Madison Nestor for being employed at national security agencies! Bravo to Dillon Bohner and Craig Swanson for completing the studies at Beijing Normal University and the Chinese Major (January 2024)!

Congratulations to Katie Thomas for being accepted by the Graduate School at West Virginia University. She will study Chinese and Linguistics starting Fall 2023.

Deanna Nicole Barnes, an education Major and Chinese Minor, taught in Beijing and now in France. Deanna's story.

Robert Lawson, Business and Chinese Major. Studied at BNU 2019.

Rees Scott, class 2020, Computer Forensics Major/Chinese Minor, got a job at forensics firm, His Chinese proficiency proved to be a highlight in job interview. Congratulations, Rees!

Jordan Collins graduated from BU in 2020 with a BA in Chinese. He is now employed by MaxEn 迈格森, an education firm in Beijing. Jordan is planning to open a brewery in Beijing with his wife, once his wife graduates from Beijing Normal University. Jordan studied at BNU where he met his wife. Video of Jordan pursuing his passion at BU.

Emanuel Escobar taught English in China and Japan after graduation.

Ashabria Mangum teaches in EF in Beijing.

Rachel Cimera teaches English in China. Video showcasing Rachel's experience.

Anastasia Timofeeva studies physics and engineering at PennState.

illustration of Carver Hall