Community Service

Community Service Requirements

You must print out a community service log sheet and submit that sheet to The Office of the Dean of Students as verification of participation. Please remember that you are responsible for keeping track of your own community service projects. You must write a 700-word reflection on each service project you complete.You may not receive compensation for community service projects (payment, internship credit, etc.)

Please note: We are no longer counting service hours. We have moved to counting service projects instead. You are required to complete one service project for each semester that you are on probation (ex: 1 year of probation = 2 service projects). If you are already on probation and have done service work, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students with questions.

Download the Community Service Log

Tips on picking community service

  • Do something you like! Pick a service project that will be meaningful to you. For example, if you are an education major, you might want to volunteer your time with children. If you like animals, contact the SPCA.
  • Build your resume! Individuals looking at your resume do not need to know WHY you did the service. It's service nonetheless.
  • Utilize your resources. There are a lot of places in the community and on campus that offer community service opportunities. Call them!
  • Do not procrastinate! Get your service completed as soon as possible. Don't wait to try to fit in your service towards the end of your probation!

Guidelines for Community Service

  • All required community service must come from the Center for Leadership and Engagement or the locations listed below.
  • All service must be completed in the Town of Bloomsburg, Columbia County, on the Bloomsburg University Campus, or be a Bloomsburg University sponsored service project (exceptions may be made but only with approval from the grad assistant).
  • Required service cannot be completed with/for family members
  • You may not receive compensation (monetary or otherwise) for community service rendered.

Ideas for Community Service

Find your next service opportunity in HuskySync or choose one of our pre-approved ideas below.

  • American Red Cross - 570-784-1395
    • Serve the community, blood drives or office work.
  • Bloomsburg Food Cupboard - 570-784-0801
    • Help with food distribution.
  • Bloomsburg Public Library - 570-784-0883 - 225 Market St.
  • Children's Museum - 570-389-9206 - 2 West 7th St.
    • Help clean and maintain the museum.
  • Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble - 570-784-5530 - 226 Center St.
    • Volunteers help during shows. Hours vary.
  • Commons Food Recovery Program - 570-389-4482
    • Package leftovers to be taken to a local food bank.
  • Community Friendship Meal -
    • Serve meals at Wesley United Methodist, Bloomsburg Soup Kitchen.
  • Danville SPCA - 570-275-0340 - 2801 Bloom Rd, Danville
    • Help with cleaning animal cages, walking the dogs, and playing with the animals.
  • Goodwill - 570-784-8348
    • Help with cleaning, labeling and bagging clothes or preparing clothes for sale.
  • Multicultural Center - 570-389-4510
    • Help with programming and get more involved on campus.
  • Salvation Army - 570-387-4112
    • Help sort clothing or do other tasks.
  • Special Olympics - 570-387-1978
    • Play with and enrich the lives of children with special needs. Available all year.
  • Women's Center - 570-784-6632
    • Help with office work, house keeping or be a hotline volunteer!