Department of English

Department of English

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With insight and expertise, the English Department faculty will help you to expand your ability to read the written word and thereby better read the world. English Studies is a proven gateway into any number of professional paths. Our students gain critical analysis skills; cultural awareness through diverse literatures; an understanding of the power of language and how it functions; the use of language creatively for exposition, persuasion, and artistic effect; and, perhaps most important, the ability to adapt to what comes next. Students of our program walk away with tremendous growth potential for an ever-changing world.

Major tracks within the English Department

The department offers four major tracks that are designed to prepare students for a wide array of careers or graduate study: Literature, Creative Writing, Professional Writing and Digital Rhetoric, and Secondary Education-English.

  • The Literature Track offers in-depth study of literary periods, styles, and genres, as well as linguistics and writing courses. It is perfect for students with interests in digital and print publishing, law school, marketing and public relations, and English graduate study.
  • The Creative Writing Track offers in-depth study of the craft of writing as well as the techniques of established writers. It is perfect for students with interests in a writing or editing career, either independently or within a business or nonprofit organization.
  • The Professional Writing and Digital Rhetoric Track offers in-depth study of technical and professional writing in print and online. It is perfect for students with interests in writing for business and industry.
  • The Secondary-Education English Track is offered in conjunction with the Department of Teaching and Learning to prepare students to teach English in grades 7 through 12.

Department of English

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Minors within the English Department

Minors complement a student’s major to increase their areas of knowledge and improve their competitiveness on the job market or for graduate study. With planning, students can easily add one or more minors to their major without delaying their graduation date. Students may also major in one of the English Department tracks and pursue one of our other minors, such as majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Technical and Professional Writing.

The English Department offers minors in Literature, Creative Writing, Technical & Professional Writing, and Linguistics. We also maintain the interdisciplinary minors in Gender Studies and in Ethnic Studies in the United States.

The Husky Difference


"I have had the opportunity to study some of the greatest minds in history. I've learned invaluable lessons about culture, philosophy, interpersonal skills, and so much more."

Ashley Hill, Literature
Ashley Hill

"I love being an English major because my eyes are being opened to all different genres of literature and literary analysis. There is no other degree I could think of pursuing that would prepare me to think critically, analyze texts and thematic elements, complete academic research, and write with professional eloquence."

Anna Jaskiewicz, Literature

"The English department’s insight and expertise has assisted me in developing my own personal writing abilities as well as giving me the opportunity and work experience to collaborate with other flourishing writers."
Brittany Stephenson, Secondary Education, English

"The greatest thing about being an English major is seeing myself continually exceed what I have accomplished. I have tremendously matured and grown analytically, all credited to the English major for continually supporting and pushing me to aspire for the better."
Jose Gamboa, Creative Writing

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