Metacognition, Mindset, and Motivation: The Keys to Inclusive Excellence!



Today’s students come to college with widely varying academic skills and motivation levels.  Most students think that memorizing information just before examinations is tantamount to learning and spend considerably less time studying than is commensurate with their grade expectations.  This interactive workshop will help address why many students lack confidence in their ability to learn and have difficulty achieving course learning outcomes. Cognitive science research-based methods that can be used to facilitate conceptual, transferable learning will be discussed.  Additionally, data will be presented that supports the efficacy of teaching students about metacognitive learning strategies and mindset. We will also discuss strategies for addressing student needs for autonomy, competence, relatedness, self-esteem, and enjoyment in order to significantly increase student motivation. 


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Our workshop leader is Dr. Saundra Yancy Mcguire. She is the Director Emerita of the Center for Academic Success and retired Assistant Vice Chancellor and Professor of Chemistry at Louisiana State University. She has delivered keynote addresses or presented workshops on effective learning strategies at over 500 institutions in 47 states and thirteen countries.  Prior to joining LSU, she spent eleven years at Cornell University, where she received the coveted Clark Distinguished Teaching Award.  Her best-selling books, Teach Students How to Learn and Teach Yourself How to Learn, are widely praised by faculty and students.  The Parents’ Guide to Studying and Learning was released in January 2022. For information on purchasing Teach Students How to Learn or the student edition, Teach Yourself How to Learn, email This information will be made available upon registration as well.

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