Refund Policy and Procedure

PA State System of Higher Education

Board of Governors

Effective: Fall Semester 2009


See Also: Adopted: June 20, 1983

Amended: October 18, 1990; January 21, 1993; July 20, 1995; July 13, 2000; and January 10, 2008.

A. Policy

Each university shall establish a refund policy in accordance with Board policy.

1. Advance deposits credited toward the basic fee (tuition) and the technology tuition fee shall be non-refundable. Other amounts paid and credited toward the basic fee shall be refundable in full for students who withdraw for approved reasons prior to the first class day.

2. Students who reduce their credit hour load after the end of the drop period so as to qualify for billing as part-time students shall not be eligible for a refund of the amount paid which exceeds the part-time rate. After the drop period, refunds for the basic fee shall be made only for full semester withdrawal.

B. Procedure

1. The refunds for tuition (the basic fee) will be based on the following schedule for all university sessions, including summer and winter sessions, adjusted to the nearest whole number of days.

Refund Period (% of Enrollment Period Completed) Refund Percentage Duration (Illustration of Estimated Weeks in Typical Semester)
0-8.50% 100% Through "drop period"
8.51-12.50% 80% Through week 2
12.51-19.44% 60% Through week 3
19.45-26.39% 50% Through week 4
26.40-33.33% 40% Through week 5
Greater than 33.33% 0%  

2. Each university is responsible for notifying all students of its refund policy.

3. Full-time students who are concurrently enrolled in both the regular session and late-starting sessions will be treated as regular session students for the purposes of this policy. If the student drops a late-starting course prior to the beginning of the course, refund for the course will be provided in accordance with the university’s registration policy.

4. Full refund of tuition shall be granted to students of State System universities who are military reservists or members of the National Guard and are ordered to active military service by the President of the United States or the Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

5. University refund policies shall address the refund of university-based mandatory student fees. If university policies require the refund of mandatory student fees, the refund will be determined by the tuition refund schedule.

6. Refunds on student activity fees shall be within those regulations and procedures established by the student organization, as approved by the president. All approved student activity fee refunds will be determined by the tuition refund schedule.

7. Each president may approve refunds of amounts paid and credited toward room and board, special fees, and other fees, in accordance with the university’s refund policy. If special and other fees are to be refunded, the refund will be determined by the tuition refund schedule.

8. A student is eligible for consideration for a refund for any reason approved by the president or his/her designee.

C. Effective Date

Fall Semester 2009.

Bloomsburg University’s mandatory fees will follow the PASSHE tuition and fees refund policy #1983-19-A listed above. Refunds will only be granted for a full withdrawal. No refunds will be granted if a student drops from full time to part time after the drop/add period.

Students are responsible for all tuition and fees due to the institution and for meeting their financial aid requirements. Please contact the Financial Aid Office and/or the Student Billing Office for information concerning the ramifications of your withdrawal.