Careers for History Majors

Careers for History Majors

Many different career paths are open to students who major in history and complete their degrees with distinction.  A recent alumni survey indicates that our graduates are successful in broad ranging fields. Respondents listed (among other things) the following jobs:

Instructional designer
Secondary school teacher
Office manager
Financial aid planner
College/university professor
Insurance underwriter
Retail store owner
Probation/parole officer
Central Intelligence Agency analyst
Law clerk/paralegal
Human resources specialist
Secretary/treasurer: business

There are many sources of information available on possible careers after completion of our program in history.  The Career Development Center at Bloomsburg University (570-389-4070) can be a big help.

Two excellent publications are listed here, along with a telephone number, through which copies can be ordered:
Careers for students of history, by Constance Schulz, Page Putnam Miller, Aaron Marrs, and Kevin Allen
(Washington, DC: American Historical Association, 2002).  This fifty-two page pamphlet can be ordered directly from the American Historical Association.  Call 202-544-2422.

Great jobs for history majors, by Julie DeGalan and Stephen Lambert (Lincolnwood, IL: NTC Publishing Group, 1995).  This 254 page book can be ordered from the NTC Group.  Call 847-679-5500.