Project IMPRESS Degree Requirements

Project IMPRESS Degree Requirements

Project IMPRESS The M.Ed. program consists of a minimum of 45 semester hours with all courses being required. Practical experience is considered necessary and inseparable from the existing course sequence.

It's an important step in the development of a competent clinician, linking theory with practical experience, and preparing for teacher certification and continued employment in the school setting.

Required Courses

COMMDIS 73.501 Articulation and Phonological Disorders in Children

COMMDIS 73.502 Language Disorders in the School Setting

COMMDIS 73.503 Research in Educational Speech-Language Pathology

COMMDIS 73.504 Diagnostics

COMMDIS 73.521 Practical Experience 1

COMMDIS 73.505 Preschool Language Disorders

COMMDIS 73.506 Professional Issues I

COMMDIS 73.521 Practical Experience 2

COMMDIS 73.507 Language for Literacy Development

COMMDIS 73.508 Professional Issues 2

COMMDIS 73.521 Practical Experience 3

COMMDIS 73.509 Communication Disorders of ELL

COMMDIS 73.510 Fluency Disorders in Children

COMMDIS 73.511 Communication Disorders of Low Incidence Populations

COMMDIS 73.521 Practical Experience 4

COMMDIS 73.512 Communication Disorders of Moderate/Severe Populations

COMMDIS 73.513 Professional Issues 3

COMMDIS 73.521 Practical Experience 5

COMMDIS 73.514 Communication Disorders of Hearing Impaired Children

COMMDIS 73.515 Communication Disorders of ASD

COMMDIS 73.522 Student Teaching

Students are required to attend a two-day mandatory orientation prior to the start of the program and an on-campus meeting each semester.


Graduate students in the school-based speech-language pathology program must maintain a QPA of 3.0 with no more than one grade lower than a B throughout the graduate program. More than one grade lower than B will result in program dismissal. If a grade lower than a B is earned in the final practical experience (COMMDIS 73.521), the course must be repeated prior to enrolling in student teaching (COMMDIS 73.522). If a grade lower than a B is earned in student teaching (COMMDIS 73.522), the course must be repeated. To progress in graduate school, students must maintain adequate academic standing and adhere to the department suitability clause.