Student Leaders in Kehr Fireside Lounge

Kehr Student Union

The Kehr Student Union is the community center of Bloomsburg University and the pulse of campus life.

The Kehr Student Union is a five story building that provides spacious, functional, and multipurpose facilities to be enjoyed by the entire university community.

  • 1st floor features Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) offices and services and the office of Global & Multicultural Education.
  • 2nd floor features Fireside Lounge, Computer Lab, Games Room, Student Orgs Resource Room, Program Board Office, Multicultural Center, Conference Rooms, AV Operations and Services Support and Hideaway.
  • 3rd floor features Welcome Desk, Student Organization Support, TV Lobby Lounge, Husky Dining Services, Student Health Center, Student Development and Campus Life (SDCL) Offices, Multipurpose Rooms A and B, study nooks, Student Involvement & Activities Office, Kehr Union Reservations and LGBTQA Student Services & Resource Center.
  • 4th floor features Ballrooms 1, 2 and 3, Piano Lobby, Community Activities, Community Government Association, Interfaith Room, and Conference Rooms.
  • 5th floor features Balcony and Projection Booth.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Kehr Student Union is to provide a welcoming atmosphere, with quality customer service, to enhance diversity, student life and the academic experience by providing an environment where all members of the university community can gather to participate and learn through a varied offering of co-curricular activities and experiential learning opportunities.

Student Learning Outcomes

Bloomsburg University students, through participation in Kehr Student Union programs, activities, organizations, events and employment, will:

  • foster intellectual growth, enhance leadership development, clarify values and develop an appreciation of a diverse community.
  • foster effective communication skills, meaningful interpersonal relationships and collaboration.
  • develop personal and educational goals and career choices.

The Kehr Union Welcome Desk is a centralized student-staffed resource hub for information about what’s happening within Kehr Student Union and how to get involved with campus life!

It’s located on the 3rd floor directly between the Husky Lounge and Kehr Union Multi 345B.

The KUOSI student staff (Kehr Union Operations Student Involvement) are the ambassadors of Kehr Union who provide a caring, helping hand to those they serve each day.  With a pulse on campus life, they assist with the management of the many day-to-day functions that are crucial to the success of Kehr Union operations. They conduct hourly rounds within Kehr Union to promote the safety and well-being of its occupants, answer questions and continually assess the culture and experience being offered within the building.

Staff members are cross-trained in and assigned to collaboratively work in a variety of areas within Kehr Union including, but not limited to, Welcome Desk, Games Room, Campus Events, KUB Operational set-ups, Student Activities/Involvement Office administration, HuskySync, equipment inventory control and student organizational support initiatives.

In addition, KUOSI staff partner up with the Community Government Association (CGA), Program Board (PB), Council of Class Officers (COCO) and Committee on Student Organizations (COSO) to provide a well-rounded, diverse student experience where opportunities to get involved are facilitated and new friendships can thrive.

Questions can be sent in to

Sample services/information found at the Welcome Desk include, but are not limited to:

  1. Student Club and Organization mailboxes
  2. Kehr Union Lost and Found items
  3. HuskySync organizational support
  4. Event Calendars and Posters
  5. Directional navigation support
  6. Social Media marketing and promotion
  7. Welcome Desk Lobby TV lounge
  8. Resources for Student Development and Campus Life

In the event that a KUOSI staff member is not at the Welcome Desk and assistance is needed, patrons are directed to visit Kehr Union 350 for support.

The Games Room is located in Room 232 of Kehr Student Union and offers all BU students a wide variety of activities to engage in and have fun! Included in the facility are six pool/billiards tables, video gaming systems (Xbox, Playstation, Wii, etc..), eight flat screen televisions, wide variety of board games, lawn games, sports equipment, DIY crafts and arcade style games.

Daily Hours of operation are 3:00 PM – 11:00 PM.

  1. Only BU students, staff, faculty, and their guests are able to access the Games Room during open hours. Any non-BU patron must be accompanied by a BU student, staff or faculty at all times if using the facility. No more than 3 guests per BU student, faculty or staff at any given time.
  2. BU students must check in with the Games Room staff member upon arrival. Once checked in for attendance, students are free to engage in any of the activities and resources available at the Games Room.
  3. The BU student(s) who check out the equipment/supplies are the ones who will be deemed responsible for the equipment/supplies, proper usage of them and returning them back in the same condition. Failure to do so may result in loss of future privileges within the use of Games Room resources and/or financial reimbursement for any damaged/un-returned items belonging to the Games Room. All equipment will be sanitized after usage by the Games Room staff.
  4. TV sets and room lighting are only to be operated by the Games Room staff. Request to change channels, alter tv volume and/or adjust lighting preferences must be made through the staff.
  5. Student clubs and organizations may contact the Director of Student Involvement at to coordinate special events in the Games Room and/or access student org/club supplies and resources.
  6. Special events, theme weeks, contests and tournaments are featured every semester in the Games Room in collaboration with Program Board. All BU students are eligible to participate.

Questions or suggestions for the Games Room can be shared at

The Kehr Union computer lab is located in room 241 and houses approximately 19 computers for Bloomsburg University students, faculty and staff.  The computer lab is overseen by Technology Support Services.

The Fireside Lounge is a spacious, open study and social area with various types of seating to allow for individual project work, small group meetings, and casual relaxation.  It's generally considered a non-reservable space with the Kehr Student Union, however, special permission may be requested to use this facility for special events.  A piano, student artwork and vending machines are also featured in the Fireside Lounge.

A student favorite destination, the Husky Lounge offers popular food court favorites like overstuffed sandwiches and wraps, burgers and cheesesteaks and Bloomsburg’s own fresh bagels. No time to sit and eat? No Problem! Freshly prepared sandwiches, salads, and made from scratch soups are all ready to grab and go. Husky Lounge is open until midnight daily to feed those late night cravings.

For more information visit Bloomsburg University Dining Services.

Bloomsburg University's Campus Reservations System is based on Dean Evans and Associates' Event Management Systems (EMS) software. Students, faculty, and staff use EMS to search for available facilities throughout campus and submit an electronic reservation or request for space for meetings, conferences, projects, and other events.

Use of campus bulletin boards

  • All flyers and signs require approval from the Building Manager (unless noted otherwise) in each building across campus.
  • All signs must be attached to bulletin boards or other designated areas and are not to be hung on walls.
  • Signs displayed on all campus bulletin boards are restricted to a maximum size of 17"x 23". Signs may not be displayed on the outside of any buildings.
  • For Kehr Student Union, fliers requested for posting must first be approved and stamped by staff at the Welcome Desk.
  • For residence halls and apartments, fliers requested to be posted on bulletin boards are subject to the approval of Housing and Residence Life in Elwell Hall.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is available in various locations throughout campus. BU branded templates are available and may be used for digital messaging.

Digital Signage Contacts

Location(s)Contact PersonPhoneEmail
Alumni and Professional DevelopmentTBD  
Andruss LibraryBill
Ben Franklin BuildingDave
Carver HallChrista
Comm StudiesRoni
Dean of StudentsJim
Dining FacilitiesJim
Greenly LobbiesTBD  
Haas - Main LobbyAbigail
Haas - MusicSteve
Kehr Student UnionKen
Nelson Field HouseMary
Residence Halls & ApartmentsJim

Duties of Governing Board

  1. The Governing Board shall be responsible for devising various policies which are essential for an efficient and effective operation of the university student union. The policies devised by the board are subject to the approval of the Community Government Association (CGA) and the Associate Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life.
  2. The Governing Board shall be responsible for approving the annual operating budget for the Kehr Student Union.
  3. The Governing Board shall review and recommend changes, if deemed necessary, in the annual program budget submitted by the Program Board.
  4. The Governing Board shall review and approve/deny all requests for the purchase of equipment exceeding amounts prescribed by CGA policies.
  5. The Governing Board shall review existing programs and services offered by the university student union. Similarly, it shall recommend implementation of proposed programs and services.

Membership of Governing Board

The Kehr Student Union Governing Board is comprised of a variety of student leaders from around campus who are involved in student life including representatives from Community Government Association (CGA), Program Board, Kehr Union Operations and Student Involvement (KUOSI), and Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Representatives from the university faculty, staff and alumni are also included within the board. The advisor is the Associate Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life.