Keystone Sales Challenge

Wednesday, Oct. 11 to Saturday, Oct. 14, 2023

Keystone Sales Challenge

Bloomsburg's Keystone Sales Challenge, hosted by the Zeigler College of Business and coordinated by the Professional Sales and Marketing program, will be moving to fall — Oct. 11 – 14, 2023. The competition will feature a first-round virtual “warm-call” followed by three face-to-face role-play rounds. No competitors will be eliminated in the virtual first round. Competitors will earn points which will determine their school's team placement. The remaining three rounds are an elimination competition. There will also be professional development sessions a career fair and of course PRIZES!!

Student Entry fees will be $50 for competitors and $35 for alternates. More information will be forthcoming. Contact Dr. Monica J. Favia for more information.

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Tom James Company

You have been with the Tom James Co. for six months now and have been working hard to build your book of business. One of the prospecting methods you have learned is to identify businesses that value professional image. You have identified a luxury car dealership, in your metro area, Schwartz & Family Luxury Automobiles.

On their website you find that they have six locations in the metro area and represent eight luxury automobile brands. Also, on their website, you can see pictures of the locations and all the buildings have modern architecture, with lots of glass and chrome. The website showed a picture of the waiting area with deep leather chairs, modern tables, an on the wall, a large screen TV. There is a snack area with a cappuccino machine and a variety of pastries.

The website says:

Luxury Facilities, Thoughtful Amenities

Fresh and inviting, all of our showroom and waiting areas are stylishly appointed with contemporary furnishings, fresh flowers and plush seating. As an honored guest, your comfort and convenience is paramount, and we're extremely focused on every last detail of your visit. Amenities include flat-screen televisions, spacious Wi-Fi enabled workstations, children's play areas and beverage stations.


When you looked at the pictures of the team, however, some of them looked shabby, one person was wearing a sweatshirt! Not the image you would imagine they would want to project. However, there was a picture of one well-dressed sales associate. Schwartz & Family Luxury Automobiles looks like an excellent prospect!!

That Friday you stop by and ask the receptionist who is their top selling sales associate, because you would like to book an appointment with that person. The receptionist tells you it is Leslie Franchino. As you would have expected Leslie is the well-dressed sales associate on the website. You are able to secure an appointment with Leslie for that coming Monday.

Your goal is ultimately to convince the decision maker to at the minimum offer Tom James suits as an added sales incentive to all sales associates. You would ideally like to get a sale of one basic wardrobe package per sales associate to start the process, after that the suits would be incentives. You enthusiastically offer your expertise to all the sale associates to advise them on their wardrobe. You are confident you can boost the image of the sales force at Schwartz & Family Luxury Automobiles.

From LinkedIn you learned that Leslie graduated from Mansfield University in Pennsylvania with a degree in Communications. You also learned that Leslie began his/her career in Resort Sales. Leslie has been with Schwartz & Family Luxury Automobiles for three years. Other than that there wasn’t much.

In your upcoming meeting with Leslie, you know you need to find out who ultimately makes the final decision and what is the process. You also, need to secure Leslie’s endorsement. As the top salesperson Leslie’s opinion on this should have some influence. Now you need to prepare for that meeting. The receptionist told you that once Leslie realizes you are not in the market for a car, you will probably only have 15 minutes.

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