The MyMediasite Portal is a comprehensive video platform managed by the offices of Multimedia Services and Commonwealth Academic Technology Services.

Faculty Information

Do you want to provide video content for your students to watch outside of the classroom or in courses offered via distance? Does your class include video based assignments that your students need to submit for faculty and/or peer review? If so, please consider using Mediasite as your streaming video platform. In a few steps you can upload your videos to Mediasite, embed them in your Brightspace course, or share via email.

  • Compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Video streams to students (no downloading necessary).
  • Authentication integrated with Brightspace (no third party accounts necessary)
  • If a viewer leaves the video, playback will resume where they stopped.
  • Content is secured and only viewable by Commonwealth University Faculty, Staff, and Students unless otherwise configured.
  • Organize content into channels and automatically publish to Brightspace.
  • File types accepted include Flash, MPEG, AVI, Quicktime/MOV, and Windows Media.

The "MyMediasite" Portal is accessible under the "Resources" tab within each Brightspace course.

  • All Students and Faculty may use this link to record and publish presentations, upload video assignments, edit existing presentations, and share their presentations.
  • Authorized users may also use this portal to access presentations recorded using integrated classroom systems.

The "Mediasite Course Channel" is also accessible under the "Resources" tab within each Brightspace course.

  • Faculty may use this link to create a central repository for all Mediasite content related to each course.
  • Content can be added to this collection automatically, individually, or even as a student project drop box for peer review.

Users can also add Mediasite Assets anywhere the rich text editor is available by clicking the Insert Stuff icon.

  • Faculty may use this function to add presentations directly to content items or announcements.
  • Students can provide links to presentations in assignment submissions or discussion boards.

For more information on these functions, please refer to the IMDC Infobase.

MyMediasite includes a desktop recorder application. Mosaic offers a simple workflow for recording narrated presentations and other computer based demonstrations including a 'talking head' video window similar to Camtasia, Captivate, Jing, etc. with no time limit, additional licensing fees, or third party outsourcing.

To get started, click the appropriate button below.

Get it from Microsoft Download on the Mac App Store

Please note, university owned Windows 10 computers must be running Windows 10 Education. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC does not support apps distributed through the Microsoft Store. If the "Get" button on the Microsoft Store page does not work, please contact for further assistance.

Please note, MacOS 10.15 or later is required.

In many cases, the 'talking head' element offered by Mediasite Mosaic is not necessary and all components of the lecture are contained within a PowerPoint Presentation. In this scenario, the Record Narration function of PowerPoint is often a more efficient method to produce an online lecture.


  • Function native to PowerPoint, no additional software required.
  • Narration can be edited one slide at a time, no need to start over after mistakes or when content changes.
  • Audio and Video within the presentation will be preserved at maximum quality.
  • For Windows users only: Webcam capture is also supported.


  • All content must be contained within PowerPoint, web pages and online video cannot be included.
  • For Mac users only: Webcam video is not captured.


  1. CAUTION! PowerPoint 2007 and earlier files (*.ppt) will not retain narrations, you MUST up convert your file to the current PowerPoint file format (*.pptx) before recording your narrations.
  2. Record and narrate a presentation by LinkedinLEARNING
  3. Export as a video file by LinkedinLEARNING
  4. Upload the resulting video file to MyMediasite

MyMediasite also includes a web based video editing application. The Mediasite Editor provides basic editing functions for trimming unwanted segments of a presentation and adjusting slide content. To access the web editor, open the Presentation Details page of any presentation and click the "Edit Video" button to the right of the preview window.

Permanent recording systems are integrated in the following rooms on the Bloomsburg campus:

  • BCH 203 - Communication Studies Classroom - 27 seats
  • BCH 210 - Communication Studies Classroom - 27 seats

These recording systems capture video of the presenters via permanent cameras as well as high resolution images of any content from the room PC or mobile devices.

To request configuration of an automated lecture capture recording schedule, manual lecture capture recording bin, or drop box for student projects, please complete the online request form.

The Multimedia Services Office also maintains a mobile recording system that can be used in virtually any presentation space on campus. This system includes a High Definition Camera, wireless microphones, and connections to integrate with any classroom presentation system. This system must be operated by staff from the Media Services office. For more information regarding event recording services, please see the Request Video Recording Services section of the Media Services page.

For questions about Copyright compliance and Fair Use, please consult the Fair Use page.

Mediasite provides a comprehensive library of training materials for users. Choose from the categories below to explore topics that might be most relevant to you.

Using Mediasite With Brightspace

FAQs - Questions about Viewing Presentations

Playback of Mediasite presentations can consume from 400Kbps up to 11Mbps of internet bandwidth depending on how it was created and the complexity of the content. Here are some things you can try to improve your playback experience:

  • Close other applications that may be using your internet connection. For example extra browser windows/tabs, streaming music or video applications like iTunes or Spotify.
  • Stop or turn off smart TV apps like Netflix or Hulu.
  • Ask family members or roommates that are sharing your internet connection to stop using it while you are watching presentations.

If you continue to have difficulty, visit, start the test, wait for it to complete, click the share results link to copy it, paste the link in an email and send to along with the link to the presentation you are trying to watch. With this information, it may be possible to optimize the presentation for playback on your connection.

This is often caused by the browser blocking Mediasite authentication in the Brightspace window. Sometimes, completely exiting the web browser and logging in to Brightspace again can refresh your authentication ticket and the presentation will load properly. If this does not help, your instructor will need to post the link differently.

Instructors, please see How do I share a Mediasite presentation in Brightspace below.

This error is usually shown when a presentation has not finished processing or is set to Private. Ask the owner of the presentation to confirm that it is Viewable.

Content owners, please see Mediasite U Lesson: Change Presentation Visibility from Private to Viewable.

To bypass this setting for future uploads, see Mediasite U Lesson: Change Default Visibility Preference.

FAQs - Questions about Creating Presentations

The Video Project Wizard can help you determine the best workflow to follow for your needs and will step you through the process.

The MyMediasite User Portal is accessible two ways:

Mediasite can import many types of audio and video files. Files with MP4, MOV, WMV, MP3, AIF, or WAV extensions are recommended, although others are also compatible. Follow the links below to access tutorials and video lessons.

PDF tutorial: Basic Video Upload to MyMediasite

MediasiteU Lesson: Upload a Video to MyMediasite within Brightspace

MediasiteU Lesson: Upload a Video to MyMediasite

MediasiteU Lesson: Upload a Video from a Mobile Device

Many video creation tools will create or export the maximum possible quality by default. This often makes the video file much larger than necessary. If possible, go back to your original content and adjust the export settings. For example, in PowerPoint choose Standard or High Definition, not Full HD or 4K. If you are working with a video file recorded with a webcam, smart phone, or application that does not provide custom export options, follow the instructions below to compress the video file.

PDF tutorial for Windows users: Video Compression using Adobe Media Encoder for Windows

PDF tutorial for Mac users: Video Compression using Adobe Media Encoder for Mac

If you continue to have difficulty, visit, start the test, wait for it to complete, click the share results link to copy it, paste the link in an email and send to along with the duration and size of the file you are trying to upload.

This issue generally results from uploading an incompatible file. Confirm that your video plays in Windows Media Player or QuickTime Player.

Mediasite cannot convert PowerPoint, Keynote, Shockwave Flash, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or Windows Movie Maker project files. Content must be exported from these applications as a flat video file (MP4, MOV, or WMV are recommended).

If you are working with a video file that does play on your computer but still generates an error on Mediasite, follow the instructions below to re-encode the video file and try to upload again.

PDF tutorial for Windows users: Video Compression using Adobe Media Encoder for Windows

PDF tutorial for Mac users: Video Compression using Adobe Media Encoder for Mac

This issue generally results from an incomplete or corrupted upload. Attempt to upload the presentation again, make sure that the upload progress bar finishes before you close the browser window or navigate away from the upload page. If you are using a mobile device like a phone or tablet, do not allow the device to go to sleep. You may need to tap the screen frequently during the upload process to keep it awake.

If you continue to have difficulty, visit, start the test, wait for it to complete, click the share results link to copy it, paste the link in an email and send to along with the duration and size of the file you are trying to upload.

FAQs - Questions about using Mediasite in Brightspace

Brightspace and Mediasite use 'third party' or 'cross-site tracking' cookies to exchange information about who you are, which courses you are enrolled in, etc. Some browsers often block this function by default. Currently known solutions for each browser will be included below as they are available:

  • Apple Safari. Choose Preferences from the Safari menu. Choose the Privacy tab. Uncheck the box next to Prevent cross-site tracking. Close the preferences window. Return to your BOLT course and relaunch MyMediasite from the Resources menu.

There are several ways for instructors to add Mediasite content to their Brightspace course. There are benefits to each method. Choose the method that you find most convenient.