The Michael Collins Theatre Scholarship

Up to four scholarships ranging from $100 to $750 may be awarded to students majoring in theatre who

  • display a commitment to theatre as a diverse and multi-disciplinary pursuit,
  • possess a collaborative spirit and leadership qualities, and
  • demonstrate a positive, willing attitude and work ethic. 

Priority in selection is given to students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 overall and 3.5 in theatre courses. 


Submit the following through the Bloomsburg University Scholarship Site by March 1, 2024:

  • Bloomsburg University Standard Scholarship Application. 
  • Short essay addressing the question: “How has your experience in the theatre impacted your understanding of one of the following: leadership, collaboration, or work ethic?”
  • Resume of experience in the theatre.
  • For newly entering freshman or transfer students, a letter of support from an individual familiar with the student’s theatrical experience must also be supplied.

At some point after the deadline for scholarship submissions, the committee will be granted access to the applications. At that point Prof. David A. Miller, Michael Collins Theatre Scholarship Chair, will contact applicants to arrange the following:

  • Audition or portfolio review and an interview with the Theatre faculty.


  • Recipients are determined by a vote of the faculty of the Division of Theatre and Dance, based on available funds and all application materials presented/received.  A majority of the faculty must vote in favor of the recipient in order for an award to be given.

Scholarship Renewal

  • Students may reapply for up to 4 years, but renewal is not guaranteed.
  • Bloomsburg University Scholarship Application, essay, and resume are required as part of the renewal process.
  • The Audition or Portfolio Review and Interview will be required unless one or both are waived by a unanimous vote of the faculty after the essay, resume, and BU scholarship application are received and reviewed. The decision to waive one or both items rests solely with the faculty of the Theatre and Dance Division.
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