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Baselice, Brittany, B.A. in Music: Music Education, 2013 - Brittany graduated Cum Laude from Bloomsburg University in the fall of 2013. Brittany is a music teacher and band director at Tinicum School. She spends her spare time being the Assistant Band Director and Visual Caption Head of Springfield High School’s Marching Band. During her time at Bloomsburg she achieved high academic standing, was Drum Major of the Husky Marching Band for 3 years, and received the Outstanding Student Musician award for the Music Department, along with other accolades. Brittany enjoys marching with the Hawthorne Caballeros Drum and Bugle corps, as she has marched mellophone the past two years and will be in a new position as Assistant Drum Major for the 2016 season. Brittany is an active member of the Pennsylvania Music Educator’s Association (PMEA) and is looking to pursue her Master’s degree in Music Education. "I loved the real community feel of Bloomsburg. I always felt like I had a home at Bloomsburg University, which included a great foundation of friends and colleagues. It was the ability of people coming together, enjoying time with each other, and growing professionally and academically that I enjoyed about Bloomsburg." "I served as Drum Major for the Bloomsburg University Husky Marching Band for three years, and I would say my senior year in the marching band was the most memorable. The band was excellent that year with a fantastic show, great members, and we just had some great experiences together. I got to serve as Drum Major along with one of my best friends, knew everyone in the band, and I will not forget our last football game together as we celebrated our senior year." "I would tell current students to get involved with as much as they can, no matter how uncomfortable they feel. Putting yourself in a place of discomfort is very common in the professional setting, so if you can adjust to it while in a comfortable environment such as Bloomsburg, do it then! I think they would be surprised as to how much they will learn and gain a new experience through joining a new club, ensemble, or working with a new group of people. It will be those opportunities that you remember forever!"

Frankford, Robert. B.A. Music in Music Education, 2017 - Music Teacher and Choral Director, Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School Robert currently directs the school's Concert Choir, teaches 7-12th grade general music classes, and directs the school's annual musical. "The dedicated Music faculty are what make this school special. They are the true leaders in their fields and will do whatever it takes to help their students succeed. Because of the department's small size, the professors become real mentors. Students get the support they need to grow musically and professionally thanks to the individual attention they receive." "I teach in a small community-oriented school, where most of the people I know and work with feel like family...just like the Department of Music at Bloomsburg!" "The performance tour in 2015 with the Bloomsburg University Jazz Ensemble throughout Italy and Switzerland was the most memorable experience I had while a student at Bloomsburg, and one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Performing in the Montreux and Umbria Jazz Festivals was not only an experience I will never forget, but one I will forever cherish, I also loved the choir performance tours in Chicago, Nashville, and Boston." Advice for current and future students: "Be flexible. Be willing to try new things and learn from your mistakes. Work hard and set clear definable goals for yourself. A music career requires self discipline and effort, but the rewards are worth it. Future educators should work on building a professional stance while not taking themselves too seriously at the same time. Enjoy what you are doing! Enjoy sharing what you know!"

Molden, Jason, B.A. in Music: Music Education Track, 2007 - Band Director, Bristol Borough School District "The faculty at Bloomsburg University motivated me to become a hard working student and that hard work has always paid off. Until this day, I can remember the lessons and advice I learned in my classes and use the techniques and skills I acquired while attending. I came from a small high school and was nervous about the experience of attending a school with a larger student population. That nervousness quickly subsided as I found my place within the music department students, faculty and staff."

Paszkiel, Samantha, B.A. in Music: Music Education Track, 2015 - K-8 Music Teacher and Band Director, Lavallette Elementary School. Samantha graduated cum laude in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree inMusic Education (Certification K-12) with a concentration in trombone. After graduation, Samantha worked at Music & Arts for a year as a Senior Sales Associate and was able to use her music knowledge and background to help customers purchase/rent music and instruments. During the 2016-17 school year, she was part-time at Lincoln Middle School in Hawthorne, NJ where she taught 8th grade lessons, band, and general music. In addition, she directed both the high school and middle school jazz bands. That same school year, Samantha was an Assistant Marching Band Director at Vernon Township High School in Vernon, NJ where she served as a brass music and visual tech. For the 2017-18 school year, Samantha accepted a new position as the K-8 Music Teacher and Band Director at Lavallette Elementary School in Lavallette, NJ. She will also begin working with US Bands as an Adjudicator during the fall marching band season. In her free time, Samantha enjoys marching with the Hawthorne Caballeros Drum and Bugle Corps based out of Hawthorne, NJ. In 2016 she marched baritone and was featured in a quartet, while in 2017 she played mellophone. "If there was one aspect of Bloomsburg University that best prepared me for my career, it was the smallness of the music department because it allowed the wonderful music faculty to give me the individual attention I needed to understand and succeed." "I love Bloomsburg University's sense of community and that when you're there, you're truly part of a family. "My most memorable experiences at Bloomsburg University were with the Jazz Ensemble. Dr. Clickard took our group on tour twice while I was in school. The first tour was to New Orleans and the second tour was through Switzerland and Italy. They were definitely the best memories I treasure from college and those experiences allowed me to have very rare and unique performance opportunities." Advice for current and future students: " proactive and accountable for your own education. Don't wait to be told to do something, ask if there is anything you can do! Unfortunately, wasted time can never be given back, so make the most of time you have at Bloomsburg University. It will be over before you know it!

Rhodes, Taylor, B.A. in Music: Music Education Track, 2015 - Music Teacher, Warrior Run Area School District "Taylor Rhodes is a 2015 graduate of Bloomsburg University. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education. While at Bloomsburg University Taylor was a student worker for the music department, and a drum major for the BU Huskies Marching Band. Taylor was also one of three other music students to receive the Outstanding Student Musician award. Taylor now teaches middle school general music in the Warrior Run School District. She also teaches instrumental lessons to students grades 5-12 and is the assistant marching band director where she focuses primarily on the visual aspects of their performance. She is very proud to be a Defender! ." "Bloomsburg University offered me a lot of leadership opportunities. While at Bloomsburg I was a drum major for the marching band, the president of our NAfME Chapter, and a students worker for the music department. All of these positions offered me the chance to practice my skills and experience the duties of a teacher. It was very easy to step into the teacher role after having all of those experiences." "The faculty at Bloomsburg are absolutely exceptional. It’s very apparent that everyone on the faculty wants their students to succeed and they will help you out in any way possible to help you do just that." "My senior year in college Dr. Clickard planned a European Jazz Band tour across Switzerland and Italy. Experiencing a different culture and learning about jazz while we toured and play was a great experience. When I was hired in my school district and found out that I was teaching my 8th graders about the evolution of music in America the first thing I thought of was jazz. I used many examples from that tour about jazz around the world to teach my students and to help them understand the music genre and get a clear picture of that style." Advice for current and future students: "Soak up everything you can! You may find yourself overwhelmed with class work and practicing, but take advantage of everything that is offered to you. All of your hard work will pay off for you in the long run!"

Satterfield, Carly , B.A. in Music: Liberal Arts Track, 2016, Music Instructor, Scranton Music Academy. At the Scranton Music Academy, Carley teaches piano and clarinet to students ranging in age from 4-23. She also teaches lessons at Magdon Music Store and maintains a private studio. In remembering her time at BU Carley says:: "The support and direction of the staff greatly helped in preparing me for my career. Not only did they pass on their knowledge of the field but they also passed on tips, tricks and other things that you don't necessarily learn in the classroom to grow as an individual." "The thing I like most about Bloomsburg University is how beautiful the campus is and how small the classes are. It gave me a chance to really get to know my fellow students and professors, which I wouldn't get at a larger school." Advice for current and future students: " Even when things get tough and you feel like you're not doing enough, keep going. Keep working hard, keep getting good grades, and keep doing what you're doing. It all pays off in the end and along the way you will make friends that last a life time."

Spann, Ryan, B.A. in Music:Audio/Video Recording Track, 2010, Owner/operator, Soldier Studios; Logistics Technician, Peter Millar At Bloomsburg University, "the best preparation was the hands on experience. I was able to use top of the line equipment in a great recording space. Everything from experimenting with microphone setups to recording live concerts, I had a full range of dynamic situations to learn from. I really enjoyed the diverse curriculum. I love to compose, perform, and record. The fact that I was able to advance my knowledge in each of those areas was a key factor to studying at Bloomsburg University."

Umlauf, Peter, B.A. in Music:Audio/Video Recording Track, 2003, Audio Technician- touring with the band, Chicago. Studying at Bloomsburg helped give me an "understanding of music that I previously did not know. When working with musicians I believe that you gain a huge advantage when you can interact with an artist with understanding of music theory. It is by no means necessary but I believe it has helped me a lot in my career. . I always felt that I could get individual attention to what I was learning at the time. It may be the size of the school but I think the professors passion and professionalism was outstanding."

Wusinich, Ryan, B.A. in Music: Audio/Video Recording Track, 2011, Assistant Director, QVC (responsible for several elements of a live production including; technical directing, audio, cameras and graphics.) "I liked the size and comfort of Bloomsburg the most. By being a smaller school, I was able to have the space and resources right at my disposal and with ease. My most memorable experience at Bloomsburg would really have to be all the experiences I had while working in the recording studio. The list could go on for all the great time and countless hours I spent learning and growing within that room. My advice for current students is spend as much time as you can experiencing situations that you know will help you reach your goal, whatever it is you want to do once you graduate. You have the time now to really do whatever you want and that is a powerful commodity you won’t have forever."

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