BU Foundation helping students by providing grants for off-campus student housing


By Thomas Schaeffer

Advanced Student Housing (ASH), LLC, a subsidiary of the Bloomsburg University Foundation, will offer $1,000 - $1,500 grants to help offset costs for BU students who wish to live off campus while enrolled at the University.

The grants will be provided through a donor-funded initiative designated to support the BU Foundation's efforts to ensure that all eligible students have access to a wide range of safe, affordable, quality off-campus housing options.

"We are thrilled to provide this opportunity for our students," said BU Foundation Executive Director Jerome Dvorak. "Just as we do with all support we receive from our donors - whether it's directed to scholarships, professional experience grants, emergency funding, or unrestricted gifts - we are maximizing these gifts as the donors intended to help our students and supporting the University's enrollment and retention, which in turn supports our local community."

In the 2021-22 academic year, The BU Foundation dispersed more than $2.8 million in scholarships and grants to support BU students. This academic year to date, the Foundation has paid out more than $1.5 million in student support for the fall semester and anticipates providing an additional $1 million for spring-semester scholarships and grants.

"By offering these grants to our students, we are continuing our mission of creating opportunities to provide necessary financial support for Bloomsburg University and its students," Dvorak added. "We strive to help the University provide access to and continuation of quality education for all students based on their academic ability and not their ability to pay. This is another way our generous donors are helping us achieve that goal."

Advanced Student Housing, LLC was established as a subsidiary of The Bloomsburg University Foundation in 2018 to provide additional off-campus housing options for BU students. The real estate rental agency operates nine student-housing properties throughout the Bloomsburg area, with 171 beds available for lease to eligible BU students.

To learn more about Advanced Student Housing, visit ahmrentals.com or call 570-389-4524.