Media and journalism major chosen for select role at CMA convention in NYC


By Gianna Battaglia, Marketing and Communications Assistant

Bloomsburg University student Matthew Poust was one of six student journalists selected to serve in the student newsroom at the annual College Media Association National Spring Convention in New York City.

Poust is a senior media and journalism major and managing editor of Bloomsburg's student newspaper, The Voice. Some of his work consists of articles highlighting legal pitfalls faced by student media, navigating conflicts with university sports information departments, and finding news stories that fly under the radar. Poust was also responsible for writing the newsroom's convention wrap-up.

"I've just always enjoyed the process of journalism itself, mainly talking and interacting with people," Poust said. "Being able to find and report on news stories that people might find interesting and going through the article writing process to make a successful narrative out of it. It's something that tests me, and I face struggles with sometimes, but something I've really enjoyed."

Attending the College Media Association was one of the most impactful moments Poust has experienced in his years in college.

"The other reporters I worked with pushed me to produce noteworthy content, and the professionals I spoke with gave me hope that I too may have a chance at journalism as a career," Poust said. "The Voice has often had reporters deliver presentations at the conference, but this was the first time in recent years that one of its staffers was invited to join the student newsroom."

The faculty advisor for The Voice, John-Erik Kolosky, recognizes the opportunities Poust has ahead of him.

"This was a great opportunity for Matt," Kolosky said. "He got to work alongside some of the country's most promising student journalists and make important contacts in the industry."

Poust hopes to land a career in journalism.

"My dream job would be writing feature pieces on those members of the public seldom heard from or about," Poust said. "People who have a story worth telling often get passed upon, because they're not in the public spotlight. Sort of out there or peculiar members of the public who bring something different to the plate. I grew up surrounded by these types of characters, and I've always liked conversing with them and picking their brains to find out what they are about."

With success also comes challenges. Poust recognizes the challenges of print media and student journalism today.

"The biggest challenge is the overall lack of interest," Poust said. "It has become challenging to get readers engaged in what's being written with all the different digital platforms that exist in today's world, along with a lack of interest from individuals to want to do actual journalism work. We've certainly faced these struggles head-on at The Voice. We've had problems getting new members added to our staff, and although we're still producing print editions, the lack of attention from BU students and staff is disappointing."