By Eric Foster

Bloomsburg University's College of Liberal Arts will hold its annual CASSH Con (Careers in Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities) for students Thursday, Sept. 30, and Friday, Oct. 1.


Careers in Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities 

CASSH Con is designed to offer students within the College of Liberal Arts (COLA), as well as any undeclared students seeking information about what COLA has to offer, two days of panels and workshops focused upon alumni engagement and professional development. Almost every program in the College of Liberal Arts will host alumni panels so that students can learn about the rich career opportunities awaiting them. Additionally, there are a variety of sessions designed to help students think about their professional identity and learn ways to build their resumes through experiential learning. 

Keynote Speakers and Events 

Kate Nolde

Kate Nolde
“Where Liberal Arts Meets the Working World” 

Thursday, Sept. 30, 2:00 – 3:15 p.m. 
Kehr Union, Ballroom A  and B, 4th floor 

Earning a BA in Communication Studies (1998), Kate Nolde successfully helped to grow a small boutique executive search firm, RPA, Inc., based in Eagles Mere, PA, working her way into the role of Vice President of Sales and Senior Consultant. In 2016, she joined Academic Search as a Senior Consultant. In her more than 25 years of experience in executive recruitment for higher education, she has developed a deep understanding the varying functions of leadership within the administrative and academic structure.  


Cheryl Humes

Cheryl Humes
“A Chat about Philosophy and Law”

Friday, Oct. 1, 10:00 – 10:50 a.m.  
Kehr Union, Multipurpose A, 2nd floor 

Cheryl Tennant Humes graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Philosophy in 2002 and later earned her JD from Widener University (2005). She joined Zipp & Tannenbaum, LLC, a law firm specializing in real property taxation, redevelopment law, and other real property litigation, in October of 2015. In her most recent previous employment, Ms. Tennant Humes operated a general civil practice in Pennsylvania, with a focus on the representation of both parents and children in dependency and family law matters, including the valuation and division of business and pension assets in divorce cases. 

Ronald Lamy

Roland Lamy
Opportunities in Mental Health Services” 

Friday, Oct. 1, 1:00 – 1:50 p.m.  
Virtual Session – See Handshake 

With a BS degree from BU (1991) and an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University, Roland Lamy is owner and President of  Helms & Company, a healthcare services management company, and serves as Executive Director of the New Hampshire Community Behavioral Health Association (NHCBHA). Roland has played a leadership role in the healthcare industry particularly in behavioral health, payer-provider negotiations and contracting, sales management, underwriting, employee benefit and rate development and government programs. He serves on the NH Childrens Foundation Board of Directors and also acts as a Strategic Liaison for Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, NH’s only Academic Medical Center. 

Clark Associates Logo

The College of Liberal Arts would like to thank Clark Associates for its generous support of CASSH Con.



Event information will be updated as new information is confirmed.


Thursday, Sept. 30

9:30 to 10:45 a.m.

Money Matters, Kehr Union Ballroom A+B, 4th floor  
Presenter: Dr. Kip Armstrong, Professor of Sociology 
Description: Dr. Armstrong returns for his fifth year in a row to discuss how money works. His talk will focus on the amount of debt in the nation, state, and people’s lives and continue with suggestions of how to prepare for retirement through effective saving and spending strategies. Also included will be suggestions about buying a house and car. It will explain how to think about money, so it works for you, not against you. 

Economics Alumni Panel,  Virtual Session, See Handshake 
Moderator: Dr. Richard Paulsen, Asst. Professor of Economics 
     ♦  Joe Catanzaro (BA, Economics, 1988), Partner, Catanzaro’s Insurance and Financial Services, Ltd. 
     ♦  Nagid Walle (BA, Business Economics; BSBA, Finance, 2021), Graduate Student, Pursuing an MS in Finance at Babson College

Transferable Skills from Liberal Arts Employer Panel, Multicultural Center, Kehr Union, Room 230
Moderator: Keith Spenser 
Description: Learn what managers in the “Business World” love about Liberal Arts Majors and the skill sets that they bring to the table for their company.  
     ♦  Clark Associates: JoJo King (Recruiting Assistant)
     ♦  CNA Insurance: Tom Mason (National Claims Director)
     ♦  Enterprise: Elizabeth Brindley (Group Talent Acquisition Manager) 

Three Artists, Three Journeys, Arts & Administration Building, Room 228
Moderator: Prof. Meredith Grimsley, Professor of Art & Art History 
     ♦  L. Edward Smith (BA in Art Studio – Fabric Design and Art History) 
     ♦  Mary Jack (BA, Art Studio – Painting & Drawing, 2009), Mary Jack & Mary.Made.Art  

11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Liberal Arts Career Expo, Kehr Union, Multipurpose Rooms A and B  
Check out Handshake for information about employers who will be attending and more.  

11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

Music Alumni Panel, Multicultural Center, Kehr Union, Room 230 
Moderator: Prof. David Tedford, Asst. Prof of Music, Theatre and Dance 
     ♦  Steph Dressler (BA, Music, 2017), Flutist, Educator 
     ♦  Emily McGranahan (BA, Music Education), Orchestra Director, Springs Ford School District 

Political Science Alumni Panel, Kehr Union Ballroom A+B, 4th floor 
Moderator: Dr. Neil Strine, Associate Professor of Political Science 
     ♦  Rev. Zachary K. Pearce (BA, Political Science, 2011; Master of Divinity; MPA), Pastor, Ellenville Reformed Church and Stated Clerk of the Classis of Orange; Adjunct Instructor, Misericordia University 
     ♦  Nicole Pagliaro (BA, Political Science, 2012; MBA, 2020, University of Scranton), Supervisor – Business Planning, Talen Energy 
     ♦  Dan Knorr (BA, Political Science, 2007; MBA, BU, 2016), Director of External & Government Relations, Bloomsburg University; Project Manager, Northeast Integration 
     ♦  Ashley Fuoco Antonelli (BA, Political Science, 2009), Consultant, Advisory Board 

Interviewing Q and A: Gain Confidence Through Interview Practice, Hideaway, Kehr Union, 1st floor, (Preregistration required) 
Moderator: Dr. Janet Bodenman, Professor of Communication Studies 
Description: Learn the basics of how to make a positive first impression in an interview for an internship or job. Participate in a mock interview with a communication coach. 

2:00 to 3:15 p.m.

Keynote Speaker: Kate Nolde, Where Liberal Arts Meets the Working World 
Ballroom A+B, Kehr Union, 4th floor 
Moderator: Doreen Jowi, Associate Professor of Communication Studies
Description: Kate Nolde will draw upon her more than 25 years of experience as an executive recruiter to talk about how the skills of a Liberal Arts student can be leveraged in the working world.  

Is Graduate School a Good Option for Me? - Virtual Session, See Handshake  
Moderator: Dr. Heather Feldhaus, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research 
     ♦  Jessica Briskin, Masters in Instructional Design and Technology Program Coordinator, Bloomsburg University 
     ♦  Ronda Mariani, Masters in Business Administration Program Coordinator, Bloomsburg University 
     ♦  Carolyn Lamacchia, Masters in Information Technology Program Coordinator, Bloomsburg University 
     ♦  Julie Cerrito, Masters in PH-12 School Counseling Program Coordinator, Bloomsburg University 
     ♦  Kristin A. Vincenzes, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program Director, Lock Haven University 
     ♦  Dain TePoel, Master of Science in Sport Science Program Coordinator, Lock Haven University 
     ♦  Andrew Dunlap, Masters in Social Work Program Coordinator, Bloomsburg University
     ♦  Raychel Hine, Office of Graduate Admissions, Bloomsburg University

Anthropology Careers, Virtual Session, See Handshake 
Moderator: Dr. Sue Dauria, Professor of Anthropology 
     ♦  Nick Caputo (BA, Anthropology, 1999), Operations Manager, Vermont State Parks 
     ♦  Chelsey Tennis (BA, Anthropology, 2017), AmeriCorp VISTA, pursuing Graduate program in Student Affairs 
     ♦  Adrienne Mael (BA, Anthropology, 2008), President/CEO United Way Susquehanna, Columbia and Montour Counties 
     ♦  Amy Deschaine (BA, Anthropology, 2015), Technology Support and Educational Media 

3:30 to 5:00 p.m.

Social Work Alumni Panel, Multicultural Center, Kehr Union, Room 230
Moderator: Dr. Shane Jaynes, Associate Professor of Social Work 
     ♦  Kyle Costello-Miller (BSW, 2017; MSW, University of Pittsburgh, 2018), JD Candidate, University of Pittsburgh 
     ♦  Lindsay Miller (BSW, 2013; MSW, University of Pennsylvania; MS, Instructional Technology, Bloomsburg University, 2019), Program Director, MENTOR Network, PA 
     ♦  Erika Kronsberg (BSW, 2020), Clubhouse Rehabilitation Associate 
Jamaal Wright (BSW, 2017; MSW candidate, Temple University), Psychiatric Technician and Lead School Clinician 
     ♦  Cheri Bloomfield (BSW, 2015; MSW, 2017, Temple University)  
     ♦  Dayna Miller (BSW, 2020), Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Intern 

Communication Studies Alumni Panel, Virtual Session, See Handshake 
Moderator: Dr. Skye Chernichky-Karcher, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies 
     ♦  Karin Suttman (BA, Communication Studies, 1985), Senior VP, Strategic Director, JL Media, Inc. 
     ♦  Audra Ortiz (BA, Communication Studies, 2017), Project Coordinator, Aquent Studios 
     ♦  Jacob Kelley (BA, Communication Studies, 2016), Community Impact Coordinator, Central Susquehanna Opportunities 
     ♦  Jennifer Inaba (BA, Communication Studies, 2006), Special Publications Manager, Greenspun Media Group 

"What Can You Do with a Degree in Languages and Cultures?"
Virtual Session, See Handshake 
Moderators: Dr. Yaya Laayouni, Associate Professor of Languages and Cultures and Dr. Amarilis Hidalgo-DeJesus, Professor of Languages and Cultures 
     ♦  April Mavrolean (BA, Languages & Cultures – French, 2013; minor in Chinese), Teacher, Ensemble Scolaire (private American & International School) in Nancy, France 
     ♦  Laura Comstock (BA, Languages & Cultures – Arabic, 2017; BA, History, 2017; minors in Middle East Studies and Political Science), Graduate student at Boston University; Intern, State Dept. of Education 
     ♦  Rachael Green (BA, Languages & Cultures, 2018; BA, Anthropology, 2018; minor in Middle East Studies), Site Director, Notre Dame; Mission Volunteer, AmeriCorps 
     ♦  Austin Pasquel (BS, Digital Forensics, 2021; minor in French), Cyber Protection Brigade, US Army Cyber Command 
     ♦  Carolyn Benner (BS in Business Administration/International Business; minor in French; ICN International Exchange Student 2019-2020), Scanning translations, Transperfect  
     ♦  Anastasiya Cherkunova (BA, Languages & Cultures – Spanish; BA, Psychology, 2011), Owner, Travel Agency 
     ♦  Brittany Bohach (BA, Languages & Cultures – Spanish; BS Speech Pathology and Audiology, 2012; MS, Speech-Language Pathology, 2014), Speech Pathologist, Early Intervention Agency, Philadelphia 
     ♦  Katie Dotterer (BS, Secondary Education – Spanish, 2014), Founder, KDP AgEducation; Owner/Operator, Cow Comfort Inn Dairy

Friday, Oct. 1

10:00 to 10:50 a.m.

Keynote Speaker: Cheryl Humes,
“A Chat about Philosophy and Law”

Multipurpose A, Kehr Union, 2nd floor 
Moderator: Dr. Kurt Smith, Professor of Philosophy 
Description: A BU graduate reflects on a degree in philosophy and a career in law. 

11:00 to 11:50 a.m.

Sociologists in the Real World Alumni Panel, Multipurpose A, Kehr Union, 2nd floor 
Moderator: Dr. Chris Podeschi, Associate Professor of Sociology 
     ♦  Patty Lamm (BA, Sociology, 1992), Director, Securities and Corporate Governance, Maxar Technologies, Westminster, CO 
     ♦  Brandon Vinson (BA, Sociology, 2012), Director of Human Services, Philadelphia Anti-Drug, Anti-Violence Network 
     ♦  Weston Brehm (BA, Sociology, 2013), Executive Director, Carbon County Housing Authority  

Why and How Should You Add Your Research to Your Professional Toolkit, Multicultural Center, Kehr Union, Room 230
Moderator: Dr. Heather Feldhaus, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research 
Description: The ability to collect, interpret, and explain information in a way that is objective, rigorous, and understandable is an increasingly important and marketable skill in today’s world. The session will offer you the opportunity to learn about the ways that research skills are used in a range of liberal arts disciplines and ways to build your research skills while here at BU.  

Noon to 12:50 p.m.

Psychology Alumni Panel, Multipurpose A, Kehr Union, 2nd floor 
Moderator: Dr. Mary Jo Larcom, Assistant Professor of Psychology 
     ♦  Peter Shlanta, PhD (BA, Psychology, 2013; xx), Human Factors Scientist at Exponent 
     ♦  Jennifer Safarek (BA, Psychology, 2017), Family Resource Specialist at Justice Works Youthcare 
     ♦  Kaitlyn Chestnut (BA, Psychology, 2020), Counselor, Pyramid Healthcare, Inc. 
     ♦  Steven Lopez Rodriguez (BA, Psychology, 2020), Graduate Student and Residence Director, Shippensburg University  

Where are They Now?: History Alumni Career Panel, Multicultural Center, Kehr Union, Room 230
Moderator: Dr. Jennifer Oast, Professor of History 
     ♦  Christina Zamon (BA, History, 1999), Head of Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University 
     ♦  Angela Peiffer (BA, History, 2020), Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton 
     ♦  Jesse Newcomer (BA, History, 2018; MS, Educational Technology, 2020), Social Studies Teacher, Montgomery Area School District; Adjunct Instructor, Luzerne Community College 
     ♦  Corey Diehl (BA, History, 2013), Senior Intelligence Analyst, G45 (a global information security company)

1:00 to 1:50 p.m.

Keynote Speaker: Roland Lamy 
"Opportunities in Mental Health Services"

Moderator: Dr. Kevin Lally, Assistant Professor of Social Work 
Virtual Session – See Handshake 
Description: Roland will focus his discussion on the importance of community mental health services using New Hampshire’s experience to describe the ongoing need in this career path.  He will share a description of the role of the community mental health provider, the people served by this discipline, and workforce statistics to demonstrate the need and opportunity in the Community Mental Health space.  In addition to demonstrating the need, he will discuss strategies being implemented to mitigate workforce constraints that make a career in the community mental health discipline more attractive to potential candidates. 

Grad School 101, Multipurpose A, Kehr Union, 2nd floor 
Presenter: Dr. Don Martin 
Description: Are you interested in or planning to apply to graduate or professional school? Join Dr. Don Martin, author of “Road Map for Graduate Study: A Guide for Prospective Graduate Students,” as he shares Graduate School Admission and funding tips in this interactive Workshop.  

English Alumni Panel, Multicultural Center, Kehr Union, Room 230
Moderator: Dr. Tina Entzminger, Professor of English 
     ♦  Keara Klose (BA, English, 2014), Content Marketing Strategist 
     ♦  Julia Bagnata (BA, English & Media and Journalism, 2020), Video Editor 
     ♦  David Bauman, (BA, English, 2014), Director, West Pittston Library 
     ♦  Peter Howard, (BA, English, 2007), Vice President for Strategic Partnerships, The Institutes 

2:00 to 2:50 p.m.

Diverse Careers in Public Relations, Multipurpose A, Kehr Union, 2nd floor 
Moderator: Dr. Mun-Young Chung, Assistant Professor of Media and Journalism 
     ♦  Danielle E. Rake (BA, Mass Communications, 1993), Director of Enrollment & Marketing, Diocese of Scranton 
     ♦  Paul Rosa IV (BA, Mass Communications, 2013), SDR Manager at Everlaw, and Cofounder of GameForm 
     ♦  Nicole Keiser (BA, Mass Communications, 2017), Digital Marketing Coordinator, City Parks Foundation 

3:00 to 3:50 p.m.

Careers in Emergent Media, Multipurpose A, Kehr Union, 2nd floor 
Moderator: Dr. Dennis Frolich, Associate Professor of Media and Journalism 
     ♦  Cathy Quinones (BS, Marketing/Emergent Media minor, 2017), Proposal Executive, Sensis 
     ♦  Andrea Sorna, (BA, Mass Communications, 2019), Administrative Assistant, Unison Arts 
     ♦  Nicholas Tate (BA, Mass Communications – Emergent Media track/Professional Writing minor, 2016), Marketing Writing, ICON plc
     ♦  Megan Murphy, (BA, Media and Journalism, 2021), Promotions Coordinator/Sales Assistant, Forever Media – 93.7 WSTW 

Theatre and Dance Alumni Panel, Multicultural Center, Kehr Union, Room 230
Moderator: Dr. Carrie Winship, Asst. Professor of Theatre 
     ♦  Jennifer Bushinger-Ortiz (BA, Theatre Arts, 2007), Vice President of Philanthropy, Loveland Center, Inc. 
     ♦  Christopher G. Ulloth (BA, English – Creative Writing, 2013), Associate Producer, Project Y Theatre and Producing Director, Elephant Room Productions 
     ♦  Abigail Leffler (BA, Theatre Arts, 2007), Education Director, Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble 
     ♦  Andrea Bishop (BA, Theatre Arts, 2001), Development Director, Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble