Huskies Pride: 2011 Bloomsburg Flood

Huskies Pride: 2011 Bloomsburg Flood


Bloomsburg University will seem the same as it did before our closure, but the lives of many in our town will never be the same.

Many local residents have expressed their appreciation for the assistance our studentshave provided during flood recovery efforts. I'm incredibly proud of these student volunteers whose actions exemplify our core values.

    — David L. Soltz, President

"Their assistance will never be forgotten"

National Media Coverage

BU Flood Relief
With a big game looming, Bloomsburg football players boarded the white team school bus for another tough workout Wednesday. This was about much more than football, though.

In this flood-ravaged town in east-central PA, the strapping Huskies have turned into a mobile cleanup crew. They’re lugging broken refrigerators, waterlogged carpets and just about anything else out of homes damaged from the historic flooding caused by the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee.

    — Associated Press

During the past week while the campus was closed staff from the BU Maintenance Department and other departments within the campus community as well as students from the various Greek organizations and as individuals were involved in the recovery efforts of flood victims in Bloomsburg. My husband and I want to personally thank all of these “unsung heroes” of Bloomsburg University.

They went above and beyond their normal routines to provide much needed assistance to people in the Town of Bloomsburg at a time when most of us could barely think let alone try to figure out to dispose of the debris left behind in basements and homes that were either partially or totally destroyed.

I had no sooner questioned my neighbors as to how we would dispose of water logged items from our homes than a BU dump truck, a Bobcat and a Backhoe were coming down the street clearing away everything people had put out at the curbs. They did this every day, all day, from sun up to sun down from the time the waters receded and they were able to navigate this “war zone” that the flooded areas of town had become.

I know some of these men and women personally and I have never been so proud to be a former employee as I was when my husband and I saw those BU equipment operators coming down our street to assist those who had lost so much. I am sure that some of these same employees had losses and damage of their own but because they are considered “essential personnel” they came in to work every day and helped others try to put some sense and order back into their lives.

I cannot even begin to thank them and I am certain that everyone who was affected by this flood in Bloomsburg feels exactly the same way. They worked like a well-oiled machine and were immaculate in their cleanup efforts. When they were done removing debris you would never have known anything happened in this neighborhood or any other neighborhood they worked in. Their assistance will never be forgotten by the people they helped.

The next time I hear anyone in town comment that the staff at Bloomsburg University are overpaid and do not work hard for their money or that the students are a nuisance I will, not so gently, remind them of the effort put forth by those men, women and students who helped save some of their sanity during a very harrowing time. You should be so proud to have them as part of the BU community. They are some of finest people God had the pleasure of creating. Thank you so much for sharing them with us during this most unfortunate time.

    — Joe and Cindy Kelley, Bloomsburg