Hispanic Heritage Month: Luz Mejia


By Jaime North, Content Development Specialist

Luz Mejia is a digital forensics and cybersecurity major from Hazelton and of Dominican descent. In addition, she’s an honors student who’s pursuing a minor in criminal justice.

Mejia gets involved on campus by serving as the Class of 2025 treasurer and senator in the Community Government Association, as well as an active member of the Student Organization of Latinos.

“A favorite aspect of my culture is how open and social we are,” Mejia says. “We treat everyone we meet as if they’re part of our own family. Kindness is such a big quality to have, and I think we all have it embedded inside of us.”

And there’s plenty to celebrate, according to Mejia, for National Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Our community has amazing food and music to have an incredible time with friends and family,” Mejia says. “Supporting small Hispanic businesses always goes a long way. Plus, the food is absolutely breathtaking.”

Getting involved with the Student Organization of Latinos (SOL) was one way Mejia found her place at Bloomsburg in her first three semesters of college.

Luz Mejia

“SOL has let me find a way to be comfortable and really be myself,” says Mejia, who’s also active in student government. “Bloomsburg has so many different organizations to find people who come from the same background as you, making it easy to come out of your shell and meet amazing new people.”

She adds, “The biggest thing I’ve learned about myself is being okay with not being perfect. Coming from high school I was one to always stress an immense amount about my future and grades, but coming to college I realized nobody is perfect. I’m slowly starting to open different parts of myself and learn about better habits.”

Mejia says choosing Bloomsburg was a very easy decision for her.

“I was in the ACE program during my senior year of high school where I took a couple of Bloomsburg classes,” Mejia says. “Dr. (Julie) Vandivere is the number one reason I’m (here). She reached out to me from the honors program and convinced me to attend Bloomsburg. The campus and people are so incredibly welcome and genuine.”

And then choosing her academic focus was relatively easy too, according to Mejia.

“I always had an interest in the justice system but didn’t really want to go into the police force,” Mejia says. “I also loved being able to figure out how certain programs worked and the behind-the-scenes of how programs and applications are being developed. I figured out Bloomsburg had a major that combined both of my interests, and I knew it was the perfect choice for me. I hope to work in a private business analyzing and investigating crimes.”