Hispanic Heritage Month: Nagley Anderson

By Jaime North, Digital Marketing Specialist

Nagely Anderson is a health sciences: pre-physician assistant major from Scranton and of Dominican descent. In addition, she’s the secretary of the Student Organization of Latinos and vice president of the Students Initiative to Ease Struggle.

“Growing up I always appreciated my family,” Anderson says. “My family comes from a small town in the Dominican Republic. A couple of my favorite aspects of the Dominican culture must be the music and the family culture.”

She adds, “Music is something that’s always made me happy. Whether it’s dancing or singing to the music that comes from the Dominican Republic. The family value that comes with being Dominican or even in any other Hispanic culture is that families should always have each other's back. All I know is that I’ll always have pride that I’m a Hispanic from the Dominican Republic.”

Hispanic music and food are two things she would like to see everyone celebrate.

Nagley Anderson

“Every Hispanic culture has a variety of different music and food,” Anderson says. “That’s why I believe people need to be educated and also celebrate the variety of the different cultures within the Hispanic culture. Even though all Hispanics celebrate and are proud of being Hispanic, we all need to be educated on the differences we have.”

One thing in particular she feels needs to be celebrated is the fact there are more and more Hispanics going to college.

“I’m just proud how everything is changing into something more positive,” says Anderson, who has also seen her involvement on campus become more meaningful.

“Bloomsburg has allowed me to learn about other Hispanic cultures,” Anderson says. “I personally feel I always celebrate my culture every day by just being myself. BU has made me appreciate my access to learning about the different Hispanic cultures through the events that are being held in Hispanic Heritage Month.”

She adds, “BU is a great place to be myself, because I’m able to meet people who do not judge me in any type of way. I’ve been able to be more consistent with everything I do, because I feel more accepted with the people I have let into my life.”