Honors College leaders announced


By Eric Foster

Two new faculty members are helping to guide the Honors College at Commonwealth University – Bloomsburg.

Dr. John Hintz has been named the interim High Impact Practices Honors College Director, and Dr. Mark Bauman is the interim First Year Experience Honors College Director at the Bloomsburg campus. Kara Shultz, Vice Provost, is Dean of Honors College, and Geara Catania is the Honors College secretary. A ’20 graduate in communication studies, Catania brings a familiarity with Bloomsburg to her role.

Bauman, associate professor in the Educational Leadership and College Student Affairs graduate program, will bring his experience with student development and leadership to his role in the Honors College. 

“The first year is a pivotal moment for students. The groundwork for success happens in the first year,” says Bauman. “Research tells us the more connected students feel, to the program and one another, the better they do.”

Hintz, a professor in the Department of Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences, brings a strong background in research and mentoring students to the role of High Impact Experiences Honors College Director.

High Impact Experiences include capstone courses and projects, collaborative assignments and projects, study abroad, internships, writing-intensive courses, and undergraduate research. 

“Activities outside the classroom with an experiential component create a lasting impact on students,” says Hintz. “They help students build confidence and personal and professional growth. These experiences also help students stay excited about Honors.”

The Honors College has more than 460 students at Bloomsburg. In addition to having small, discussion-based honors classes, students can participate in an independent capstone project with a faculty mentor. They can also study abroad on a faculty-led trip, which has been to Poland over winter break in recent years.

“With their experience, Professors Hintz and Bauman are a great addition to the Honors College,” says President Bashar Hanna. “The Honors College is an important way that we serve our talented and ambitious students, propelling them to success in their future careers. ”