Huskies find a great professional fit with professional sales and Tom James


By Andrea O'Neill '06

Scott Hess '17 always knew he wanted to work in business, and now he is helping today's students do the same. 

Scott Hess '17 always knew he wanted to work in business, and now he is helping today's students do the same. 

Hess started his journey at Bloomsburg University in 2013 as a marketing major after taking several similar courses in high school. He recalls being attracted to the concrete academic path of the business college and having his choice affirmed by great professors and advisors. His biggest professional opportunities, however, came from his participation in the Zeigler Institute of Professional Development (ZIPD), where he found alumni and employer connections tailored to his industry. 

"[At the] ZIPD conference, you could always find [sessions] that made sense for you [like] interactive panels [and] resume reviews," recalled Hess. "I enjoyed the speakers; it helped me think about different things and be ready when I graduated."

Although the Professional Sales program was in its infancy when he was a student, Hess credits that program and his junior-year internship with Tom James with getting his boost into the professional world. Maintaining his connection with the company through faculty and witnessing their recruiting efforts helped him choose to stay with Tom James after graduation.

"[The internship] was critical because it allows one-on-one time, and you can get to know them a little more," recalled Hess. "It was a wonderful feeling having a job waiting for me. I don't know if I would have found Tom James without the connection with [Professional Sales professor] Monica Favia."

Now a Professional Image Consultant with Tom James, Hess returns to campus several times a year with a recruiter, providing professional tips and advice, role playing with students to familiarize them with the interview process, and of course, checking out the talent. 
"We can give them tips on continuing in the sales industry after graduation and place them [with the company] right after graduation," explained Hess.

Hess doesn't share his love for Bloomsburg just by helping to hire Huskies but also by providing professional advice to those who are where he once was. He volunteers as a judge in the annual Sales Competition and as a panelist and resume reviewer each year during the ZIPD Conference - marveling every time at the skillset and motivation of current students and at how much the Professional Sales program has grown since he was a student. 

 "I felt well prepared and had great career prep, but Bloom students are even better prepared than we were," said Hess. "We enjoy being there, and we're excited to hire them, and they're excited to work for us. Even if it's once a year, having that presence is important, and the more you are there, the more doors open."