Husky hires hit the target with TBP Converting


By Andrea O'Neill '06

David Schur ’04 still remembers his first walk to the campus library at Bloomsburg University. That moment began a near lifetime of feeling welcome and wanted.

David Schur ’04 still remembers his first walk to the campus library at Bloomsburg University. That moment began a near lifetime of feeling welcome and wanted.

“You could see the entire rolling hills of Bloomsburg, and there was something so iconic about it,” recalled Schur. “It seemed like a place where I could be comfortable and not intimidated.”

Schur recalls that vibe extending to the faculty and staff of the computer science department who took time to listen and speak to the 18-year-old prospective student. Shortly after that, an honors scholarship sealed the deal.

“They made time for me, and that stuck with me. It made me feel that people here wanted me here.”

David Schur as a student
Schur and his classmates in the early 2000's

Over his first two years, Schur gradually realized that his love of people and natural communication style were more suited for the business world. With the support of faculty in the Zeigler College of Business, Schur transferred to the college as a marketing major.

“I had such great professors,” said Schur. “The experience overall was endearing, it created lifelong friends I still have today.”

Several years ago, Schur returned to campus for a Career Connections Expo and connected with business professors Mike Huben and Monica Favia. That feeling of being welcome and wanted remained as he reconnected with faculty members who were now his colleagues. Through those connections, Schur has developed a rapport with current students and new graduates. These connections lead many of them to find a new career at TBP Converting organization in Phoenixville, PA. So far, Schur has been nothing but impressed with BU and its students.

“They’ve done a great job embracing the friendship and our business,” Schur said. “There are only a a handful of professional sales programs in North America that do such a good job. Students who come out of Bloom are authentic and ready to work.”

TBP Converting, Inc. is a privately held consultative sales company that works with engineered elastomers and adhesive materials for companies like Tesla, Peterbilt, and Schindler elevators. According to Schur, it is a place where salespeople thrive on collaboration and competition. When he hires someone, Schur says it’s with the intention of having that person with the company for the next decade.

“We have a high retention rate. It’s a place where entrepreneurism and teamwork are the lifeblood. I always tell new hires that if they approach this job with a heart filled with passion, then this isn’t your first job; it’s your first career.“

Even if a graduate does not originally intend to take a job in sales, Schur says the odds are overwhelming that they will, especially for business majors. Bloom sales grads are even more attractive because they have the fundamental skills to succeed.

David Schur '04 and his wife in front of the fountain in downtown Bloomsburg
Schur and his wife as students in downtown Bloomsburg.

“The percentage of college graduates ending up in sales is high,” explained Schur. “So many college grads graduate and have a good idea of what they want to do and where they want to be, but sometimes the perfect job isn’t their first job. Students from the Bloomsburg Sales program already know what they want when they graduate. As a hiring manager, they make my job easier since their dedication and drive is so easy to identify. It makes training and working with them a breeze”
Among the 30 team members that Schur has hired over the past 15 years, nearly a third of them have been Huskies. Schur continues to credit the Zeigler College of Business at Bloomsburg University.

“The students experienced, understand expectations, and are professional and polished,” explained Schur. “The broad majority who exit the program are pros – They’re intuitive, attentive, and work hard. I feel like I found a hidden gold mine that I want to share, but I don’t want to because there isn’t enough to go around. I’m so proud of the university and the staff for what they've done.”

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