I’m a Husky


Katie Behie is a graduating business administration marketing major from Macungie.

In her years here at Bloomsburg University she has been involved greatly being a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, the American Marketing Association, and an Orientation Workshop Leader (OWL).

“The biggest impression BU left on me is letting me be myself,” Behie says. “Joining ASA, OWLs, and being in AMA for a short time has really helped me grow myself. I became a person I never imagined, and I’m so thankful for that. Seeing my shy self in high school versus now I would have never imagined it. BU will forever hold a special place in my heart.”

With graduation getting closer, Behie says she is going to miss Bloomsburg greatly.

“What won’t I miss? This place has everything since the first time I walked on campus,” Behie says. “Coming for a tour junior year I knew this was my place and where I belonged. But most importantly, I’m going to miss the people; my dear friends I’ve made for a lifetime, my boss and faculty who have helped along the way. When I walk by the Quad and get that happy feeling. I’m going to miss my friends, the vibes, and the ups and downs this school has given me.”

Although leaving she is ready for the next step.

“When I walk across that stage there will be happy and sad tears,” Behie says. “Sad tears that my people will not right down the street or down the hall but instead a phone call away. Happy tears of starting my new job in a new town but still having Bloomsburg friends with me.”

She adds, “The ZIPD program through the Career Intensive Boot Camp and the yearly ZIPD event. The alumni I’ve met through networking events have really helped (ATTEND THEM I PROMISE THEY HELP). Also thank you to Mary Howe for continuing the ZIPD Program to really help me get to where I am today.”