I’m a Husky


Arden Clark is a graduating anthropology major from Haverton, just outside of Philadelphia.

Clark stayed active on campus through serving as advertising director and assistant photo editor for The Voice student newspaper, as well as a member of the Bloom Ultimate Frisbee team.

“The biggest impression BU has left on me is the diverse and supportive community that is the student body,” Clark says. “I’ve met so many students from different majors, who have all helped me reflect on the experiences in my life as well as given me an opportunity to view things from different perspectives.”

In addition, he was equally active off campus with Quest, an outdoor and recreation program at Bloomsburg University.

“Quest had an amazing impact on my life,” Clark says. “It taught me to teach others, but also to always remain a student in life. It exposed me to climbing, whitewater rafting, and caving, but more importantly it exposed me to my potential. I will be forever thankful of the skills, endurance, and compassion that Quest has taught me.”

Clark’s destination after graduation — Moab, Utah.

“BU has provided me with invaluable leadership skills that will help me grow as a leader, as well as a member of a team,” Clark says. “Next, I will take my skills and experience to Utah, where I will work as a whitewater rafting guide on the Colorado River!”