Improving Lives, Strengthening Partnerships


By Andrea O'Neill '06

For a time, Jess Gombar '11 didn’t think she would consider Bloom as her college of choice.  

"My mom had gone to Bloom, so during my first campus visit, she kept telling me where 'her friends did this' and 'her friends did that," recalled Gombar. I remember thinking that Bloom may not be for me. “

Fulton Bank reps in front of a BU backdrop

But on the ride home, she couldn’t stop thinking about all the great things about Bloom. And even though she was still considering other schools, knew she had found her second home when she returned for a second visit.

"I fell in love with the campus, the feel, and the people and had a great experience. I will always have a special place in my heart for Bloomsburg."

Gombar majored in elementary education and taught for a few years before pursuing a master's degree in business and economic leadership. Now, as a talent management program manager for Fulton Bank, she finds she can leverage both her education and business degrees in an HR setting.

She also hires Huskies.

Gombar never met business major Lauryn Groff '11 as a student, but their paths crossed in the workplace when they partnered to strengthen Fulton's relationship with Bloomsburg. Groff had been recruiting Huskies to Fulton and introduced Gombar to the ZIPD Conference. Gombar has attended every year since and continually marvels at the preparedness of her fellow Huskies.

"I didn't go to the business college since my focus was on education, but Lauryn talked about it all the time. The students are so professional and driven," recalled Gombar. "They connect with us on LinkedIn, leverage their resources, and communicate well. I hope to maintain the legacy we have and recruit more Huskies to join Fulton Bank."

As a recruiter, Gombar explains the opportunities that are available to students as part of ‘the Fulton experience’; opportunities that extend well past a student’s area of study. 

"This company is focused on changing lives for the better and helping employees leverage their degrees and  explore different avenues of their career,” Gombar explained. “We hire people with a wide range of majors and the possibilities are endless if you demonstrate confidence and push yourself out of your comfort zone. I try to show students what the business world has to offer, specifically at Fulton Bank. Our goal is to offer a dynamic experience, showing people what is important to us- the people, our culture, and giving back to the communities we serve."

For Gombar, every trip back to campus is a chance to relive the culture of Bloomsburg. It also allows her to meet fellow Huskies who are where she was not that long ago and provide them a bit of a boost as they get started on their next climb.

"It's been amazing to come back as an employer and see all the ways the campus has grown, said Gombar." The community vibe hasn't changed; you still feel it whether you are a student, employer, or alum. It swallows you up. "

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