Passing Along the Best in Teacher Preparation


By Andrea O'Neill '06
Molly McCafferty crouches beside the desk of a young female student

Molly McCafferty ‘18 grew up with Bloom alumni as teachers. Now, she continues that tradition as an elementary teacher and a volunteer, encouraging and supporting her fellow Huskies as they work toward their own legacy. 

“I had great educators that I loved, and they influenced me,” explained McCafferty. “Some were Bloom grads, which was part of why I looked at Bloomsburg.”

McCafferty participated in as many professional experiences as possible while on campus, including several student organizations and studying abroad. She says that these experiences helped her prepare for interviews and certification and gave her a real glimpse into what teaching was like day to day. She remembers the education conferences such as Aspiring Educators and Collaborating to Assist Teacher Candidate Hiring (CATCH) conferences being helpful by exposing her to panels of professionals who relayed their experiences and wisdom, as well as new technologies and methods of instruction.

“I felt super prepared and had a lot of experience,” said McCafferty. “The college provided a lot of real experience in the classroom. I thought every class was great and provided great skills and resources.” 

Now a fifth-grade math teacher at Dunmore Elementary Center, McCafferty is ready to provide her students with a similar experience she had. The preparedness she felt leaving BU is why she comes back as a volunteer every year, serving on alum panels, doing presentations, and reviewing the occasional resume. For her, setting the example of what a Bloom grad can do is one of the most important responsibilities as an alum. 

“Upon graduating from Bloomsburg, I felt very prepared to walk right into a classroom,” said McCafferty. “I had a lot of positive role models and I hope I can help [students] the way I was helped and also provide that for future teachers at Bloomsburg. Even now, I see others from different colleges, and I think Bloomsburg is one of the best for education.”