Pride and Polish


By Andrea O'Neill '06

Todd Argenziano '89 is proud of the Alumni Association's work to help add "professional polish" to current students.

Todd Argenziano '89 had a great experience as a student at BU. Because of that, he has spent the last several years on the BU Alumni Association board of directors working to ensure current students experience the same.

Argenziano transferred to Bloom from Widener on the reputation of the computer science program. He says he fell in love with campus the minute he arrived, and the next few years only reinforced that impression. When he began his internship with American Home Foods in Milton, Argenziano knew he had been prepared well for the professional world.

“I met a lot of smart people and built relationships with my professors as colleagues,” said Argenziano. “It was a very positive experience. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. They prepared me well.”

The first few years after graduation, Argenziano stayed connected through homecoming and other social events. But for the next two decades after that, he found himself busy building a career and raising a family. It wasn’t until his son was drawn at random for a legacy scholarship to BU that Argenziano reconnected with alumni association board members, Claire Day and Marc Steckel. He soon applied to be a board member himself.

“I met the alumni board, and I became very interested in helping out through our conversations. I liked the fact that they wanted to help the students. I hadn’t realized the opportunities to help students be better prepared after graduation.”

Since serving on the board, Argenziano has volunteered at the ZIPD conference, with the Husky Ambassadors, and during the Career Intensive Boot Camp (CIBC).

“I will never forget the CIBC,” recalled Argenziano. “I met some great students and still talk to some of them today. The students are so grateful, and that makes me feel like I’m giving back.”

After six years, Argenziano’s time on the board is ending. And while he still plans to volunteer at events like CIBC, he is sad to leave the relationships fostered with fellow board members, faculty, staff, and students.

“I formed lifelong relationships just like I did when I was a student,” explained Argenziano. “I still speak with

alumni board
Argenziano reviews a student's resume at CIBC

former board members, but I’m going to miss the camaraderie and the opportunities to be on campus. But  I’ll be happy to help with whatever the team needs.”

Argenziano says that one of his regrets is not knowing about the different opportunities for alumni to give back. He wants others to know that helping the university translates directly to helping the students and vice versa.

“Once you get involved and see what these students are like and the type of people they are and how the university has prepared them, I don’t see why you wouldn’t help out,” Argenziano said. “They’re so well prepared, and it’s so impressive. They’re pretty polished, and that makes me proud to be an alum.”

If you are interested in volunteering with the Bloomsburg University Alumni Association, please let us know!