Professionalism and Preparedness Boost Huskies on their Climb with Baker Tilly

By Andrea O'Neill '06

Fortunately for current students, B.U. grads have left such an impression on accounting firm, Baker Tilly that the firm continues to expand its hiring of Huskies.

As one of the top nine accounting firms in the country, Baker Tilly has continued to expand despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately for current students, B.U. grads have left such an impression on the company that the firm continues to expand its hiring of Huskies.

"When we talk about campus recruiting in Pennsylvania, we know B.U. is one of the top schools," explained Melissa Lang, Talent Attraction Senior, Campus for Baker Tilly. "The quality of the candidates is unmatched."

Baker Tilly has remained focused on building and retaining the balanced staff vital to the company's ability to solve everyday problems. The company encourages diversity of "thought and action" where employees of all backgrounds and experience levels feel welcome and valued. Lang says it is a place where the layers between the staff and the CEO are few and encourage suggestions and ideas rather than provide a barrier.

"One of the things I love about Baker Tilly is employees are not just a number," said Lang. "You are really able to be the best version of yourself, and your voice is heard. Whether or not it is the result, my team and managers explore the possibility of each suggestion."

Lang says it is the professionalism and preparedness of B.U. students that make them good candidates and keeps Baker Tilly seeking out Huskies. She says Bloomsburg students are communicative and inquisitive with a drive to learn and see the team succeed.

"Being able to ask questions is something that stands out to senior associates and partners," said Lang. "B.U. students aren't afraid to ask for clarification. They are very collaborative and prepared, which is fantastic, and that is what helps them to stand out in this environment."

Baker Tilly at the Accounting Career Expo

A big part of preparing oneself professionally and landing that first position is an internship. Baker Tilly offers two formal programs; one during the spring that lasts an entire 13-week semester and an eight-week summer program. Both give students real-life client work that, for many, is the first step in becoming a professional and good insight into what they want in the future. A bonus, of course, is heading back to campus for one's senior year, knowing a job is waiting for you upon graduation. Baker Tilly also reimburses interns for the preparation materials necessary to take the CPA examination.

"When we hire interns, we hire with the goal of having them come on board full time as an associate," explained Lang. "We expose them to different kinds of accounting and support them every step of the way."

After two years of virtual recruiting due to COVID-19, Baker Tilly has continued to recruit at Bloomsburg University, maintaining the long relationship between the two organizations through their connection with student organizations, virtual career fairs, and other events.

"It's been a challenge to navigate through the pandemic, but our firm is devoted to keeping our campus recruiting moving and provide support systems and teams to incoming staff and potential candidates. We see strong professionalism of the students who come from Bloomsburg, and we want to keep that relationship moving forward."