Stability drives success for alum and fellow Huskies


By Andrea O'Neill '06

As Kelsey Gallagher '12 has worked her way up the corporate ladder with Enterprise Holdings, she's done her best to bring fellow Huskies along on her climb.

Gallagher was hired with Enterprise as a management trainee and has worked for three different divisions over the last decade as a trainee, branch manager, and in talent acquisition. As a student-athlete, Gallagher learned to manage a very tight schedule, juggling her schoolwork with practices and games. She recalls feeling supported by faculty and staff when scheduling time to make up missed class time from traveling with her team.

"Whenever anyone comes into a new career, there's always a lot to learn," recalled Gallagher. "Bloomsburg helped me with time management and being organized. I was a completely different person from high school to college because of the support I had at Bloomsburg."

Now part of the Human Resources Department as a Talent Acquisition Specialist where she connects with potential candidates at the university level, Gallagher says she feels fortunate to work closely with her alma mater and be as involved on campus as possible. In addition to hiring Huskies and attending Career Connections Expos several times a year, she's volunteered with both the College of Business and the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities. One thing that has impressed her in the years since graduation is the increasing role that professors and coaches play in their students' professional and career development.

"When we talk to students, we find that coaches and professors drive their attendance, which is fantastic," explained Gallagher. "Students are making that attempt to network with future employers."

Gallagher's favorite part of being a volunteer and recruiter is connecting with students and providing them with tips and advice on the professional world. She often shares the story about how Enterprise changed her life with the stability necessary for her to thrive and has found that many students can relate to her experience.

"Enterprise is a family-owned company, and that is the feeling you get when you come into the company. Students light up when they hear about my journey with the company and what I’ve accomplished within Enterprise.  As a college student, you’re going to have good days and bad days but having people you can turn to or lean on makes a difference when having to overcome any type of adversity.  That’s the same support you find at Enterprise, which is a huge part of why I’ve been so successful.”

Now a basketball coach, Gallagher has come full circle in her life and career. She says she will continue to help students find stability within themselves, as she did, even if their outside world feels a bit shaky.

"I tell them to live in the moment and control what they can control," explained Gallagher. "All anybody can ask of anyone is to be the best version of yourself every day.”