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The Department of Academic Enrichment strives to facilitate students’ progress in overcoming obstacles and achieving their educational goals while strengthening institutional retention and graduation. Through a collaborative approach, our objective is to support students in skill-building, decision-making, and social engagement. Linking students in areas of access and success, we also serve as a resource for incorporating research-based initiatives, comprehensive assessment, and practices relating to diverse student populations.

Academic Enrichment Services

Honor Society

Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society

Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society was formed to recognize the academic achievements of students admitted to colleges and universities through non-traditional criteria or who utilized enrichment and educational support services. Its purpose is to promote continued high academic standards, foster increased communication among its members, and honor the academic excellence of those students admitted to college via educational opportunity program pathways. Programs sponsored by the society’s chapters encourage other students toward academic accomplishment.

At the spring 2019 induction ceremony Bloomsburg University’s NU Chapter recognized Act 101/EOP students who earned a minimum of a 3.00 cumulative grade point average in two consecutive semesters as a full-time student, and a current member who earned a pin upgrade due to an increase in the cumulative grade point average.

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Course Offerings For Credit

A course approved for general education points (GEPs)


The Art of Possibility and Mindfulness Practice (APMP) 3 s.h.

Catalog Description

Introduces the mind as a limit and a possibility. Introduces mindfulness practice as a tool for mastery orientations to learning in personal and professional endeavors. Investigate core beliefs and ethical perspectives informed by mindful awareness. This course is appropriate for any university student at any level.

General Education Points:

  • 1 GEP in Goal 4: Cultures and Diversity
  • 1 GEP in Goal 6: Social Sciences
  • 1 GEP in Goal 10: Citizenship

Elective credit offerings that apply towards graduation


College Study Skills 1 s.h.

Catalog Description

Focuses on the development and application of learning and study strategies that contribute to academic success. Learning strategies include techniques for note taking, studying of textural material, synthesizing course content, and preparing for and taking exams. The course is designed to support students in developing valuable study habits which will concentrate on critical thinking strategies and the individual's responsibility to learning. ENRICH 100 is a free elective and credit applies towards graduation. This course is open to all students. Prerequisites: NONE


College Writing Enrichment 3 s.h.

Catalog Description

Introduces the strategic instruction and experiences necessary for students to acquire college-level literacy. Enriches current writing skills through discussion, modeling, collaboration, application, development, and revision to give students experiences with college-level thinking, reading, and writing. Challenges students to interpret and produce diverse texts and evidence. This course is a prerequisite for Foundations of College Writing (ENGLISH 101) for students selected through placement. It is also available through self-selection. Students who have successfully completed English 101 are not eligible for this class.


Writing Enrichment Lab 1 s.h.

Catalog Description

Supports ENGLISH 101 for students who exhibited satisfactory attendance in, but failed or withdrew from ENRICH 101 (College Writing Enrichment). Focuses on building fluency and confidence. Involves the discussion of writing strategies and processes, as well as the results of students' efforts. Provides opportunities for hands-on writing activities, goal setting, reflection, and peer tutoring support. Graded on a pass/fail basis. Successful completion of Writing Enrichment Lab is required to pass ENGLISH 101 in this co-requisite model. ENRICH 102 is a 1 credit course that counts toward graduation.


Pathways to Success 1 s.h.

Elective credit applies toward graduation.

Catalog Description

Assists in the development of essential skills necessary for academic, personal and professional success. The focus of the course is identification and minimization of barriers that impede individual student achievement. Through self-assessment, exploration, and reflection, students are encouraged to evolve in personal responsibility, self-motivation, self-management, and critical thinking. This course is designed as a positive intervention for students experiencing academic difficulties. Prerequisites: None.


College Reading and Study Skills 3 s.h.

Catalog Description

Focuses on complex reading and study skills essential for learning and meeting the academic demands of college. The course is intended for students who have adequate or advanced reading skills and strive to develop more efficient and effective critical reading, thinking, and study strategies. Students will also learn about vocabulary development, flexible reading rate, active reading techniques, and preparing for and taking exams. Analytical and critical reading skills (including topics such as evaluating sources, recognizing author’s purpose, tone, and bias) are emphasized and applied to a wide variety of academic topics. This course is primarily lecture and discussion. A student may not take both ENRICH 100 College Study Skills and ENRICH 120 College Reading and Study Skills concurrently.

ENRICH 120 is a free elective and credits apply towards graduation. Prerequisite: None

Please encourage students to register if any of these courses interest them and they need GEPs or elective credit.

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