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As an institution of higher learning and a community of persons with a special purpose, Bloomsburg University accepts its obligation to provide its members with an atmosphere which protects and promotes its educational mission and that guarantees its orderly and effective operation.

To accomplish these goals, the University must require certain standards of conduct, both on and off campus, which are then expressed through the Student Code of Conduct and conduct process. In addition, Bloomsburg University students aspire to follow and promote integrity, community, social justice, respect, and responsibility.

  • Integrity - Huskies exemplify honesty, honor, and respect for the truth in all of their actions.
  • Community - Huskies build and enhance their community; understand and appreciate how decisions and actions affect others and are just and equitable in the treatment of all members of the community.
  • Social Justice - Huskies respect the dignity of every person and act to discourage and challenge those whose actions may be harmful to or diminish the worth of others.
  • Respect - Huskies show positive regard for each other and for the community.
  • Responsibility - Huskies accept responsibility for learning, personal behavior, and future success, and appropriately challenge others to do the same. Huskies use good judgment, are trustworthy, and take personal responsibility for actions.

Download the Student Code of Conduct

General Help

When students face challenges and obstacles that may prevent them from their academic pursuits, the Office of the Dean of Students can help! When unexpected life events occur and you are in need of some assistance, support, someone to talk to, or just someone to listen, contact Office of the Dean of Students. The office assists students with a wide range of situations, issues, or concerns that may have the potential to adversely affect their academic success or holistic growth as a student at BU.


To view all officially sanctioned policies of Bloomsburg University visit the Policies, Procedures and Guidelines section.

Bloomsburg University is committed to creating and maintaining a campus environment where safety, health, and well-being are priorities for all. Sexual misconduct includes a range of acts that are perpetrated against an individual without consent or when an individual is unable to freely give consent. The University will not tolerate any form of sexual misconduct. All forms of sexual misconduct are serious offenses with serious consequences that violate the Student Code of Conduct and conduct process.

Sexual misconduct complaints against students may be processed by the Office of the Dean of Students via the Student Code of Conduct and conduct process.

Sexual misconduct complaints against employees and third parties will be processed by the Title IX Coordinator via the Harassment and Discrimination Policy.

Hazing at Bloomsburg University is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Hazing ruins people’s lives, brutalizes everyone involved, and jeopardizes the very existence of campus groups and organizations.

Hazing is defined by any action or situation created, whether on or off campus, that results in mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, fright, humiliation, or ridicule.

To report incidents of hazing to the university, use the online reporting form or call the Hazing Hotline at 1-866-755-4293. You can remain anonymous.

More information on hazing:

In accordance with Bloomsburg University's mission of being an inclusive comprehensive public university that prepares students for personal and professional success in an increasingly complex global environment, the university is issuing a preferred name policy.

Student Assistance

Bloomsburg University has many different resources for students. The following link provides a list of these Resources and links to each of their associated web pages.

The Office of the Dean of Students provides assistance and support to students who miss class for extended periods due to illness, personal or family emergencies, or other crisis which limits their ability to communicate for themselves. If possible, we advise the student to begin by reaching out to their professors and advisors directly for guidance related to any missed work during the absence. The Office of the Dean of Students is also available to discuss options, connect to resources, and assist students as they navigate their return to campus. More information regarding absences can be found here.

The CARE Team convenes when students of concern are referred by members of the university community who either observes, interacts or is made aware of a student who has shown significant changes in behavior and/or attitude, who is having a difficult time adjusting to college life, adapting to the changes they are experiencing, struggling with mental health or stability issues, in distress as a result of a personal crisis, or has made references to harm oneself or attempted to harm themselves. The CARE Team reviews all available information regarding the student of concern in a proactive manner to provide students with appropriate intervention and resources and assist the student in the development of a plan for wellness.

Our CARE Team is comprised of various individuals from the university working collaboratively to provide students with assistance and support services. The team consists of:

  • Dean of Students, Team Leader
  • Director of Residence Education and Student Engagement
  • Associate Director of Athletics
  • Counselor, Center for Counseling and Human Development
  • Nurse Supervisor, Student Health Center
  • Assistant Dean of Students
  • Assistant Director of University Police
  • Faculty Member

Referrals to the CARE Team are made to the Office of the Dean of Students to either the Dean of Students or Assistant Dean of Students at 570-389-4734.

  • For concerns that you feel are urgent and need immediate attention, contact the University Police at 570-389-2211 or call 911.
  • For campus, counseling services our Center for Counseling and Human Development is located at 240 Student Services Center 570-389-4255.

Bloomsburg University's Center for Counseling and Human Development helps students develop human relations skills and personal growth. Typical counseling concerns may include study skills, depression, relationship issues, stress management, assertiveness and effective communications, racism, sexism, and homophobia, human sexuality, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, survivors of rape, incest and sexual assault, depression, ACOA and family issues, self-esteem.

Bloomsburg University can provide students who are experiencing financial hardships with food assistance. Students who do not have the resources or means to obtain food for meals may utilize the Food Assistance website for more information and instruction on receiving these services.

Healthy Husky is Bloomsburg University's Health and Wellness initiative that provides programs, services, and events that educate and motivate students to adopt healthy behaviors. The Healthy Husky initiative supports the well-rounded health of BU students via the collaboration of services provided by Bloomsburg University’s Student Health Center, Center for Counseling & Human Development, the Health and Wellness Educator, DAWN (alcohol and drug prevention and intervention), and Husky PAWS (Peer Assisted Wellness Services). For more information, visit the Healthy Husky website.

A lawyer is on campus each semester for two hour sessions to discuss student legal concerns. Contact the Community Activities Office at 570-389-4462 for more information about specific dates, times and location. This service is provided by the Community Government Association.

Information regarding our University's Annual Security Report along with Personal Property Insurance, a welcome letter from the Town of Bloomsburg and information from our University Police Department can all be found online. If you have any questions regarding any of the information, please feel free to contact us at the Office of the Dean of Students, 570-389-4734 or our University Police Department, 570-389-2211 or 570-389-4168. Additionally, if you would prefer any of this information in document copy form, just let us know and we will mail it to you.

The Office of the Dean of Students is here to assist all students in their journey towards mental wellness. Whether you need assistance finding resources, navigating the resources you are currently utilizing, or need support during a mental health crisis; the Office of the Dean of Students is one of the many campus resources available to assist you. Here is a quick reference guide for ways we are able to support students should you or someone you know need help.

In order to provide students with opportunities to express and share concerns, file complaints or lodge grievances, we provide a listing of available student resources regarding methods for reporting purposes.

Personal Development Activities

In order to help students become more positive members of the community, and develop character and life skills, the Office of the Dean of Students requires most students who are responsible of violating a policy in the Student Code of Conduct to complete Personal Development Workshops. Some students are required to complete specific workshops in the list. Please refer to the discipline letter that you received for your requirements.

Workshops are meant to help students develop essential life skills, such as good relationships with their neighbors, healthy sleep habits, and essential organization and study skills. The Office of the Dean of Students offers these programs each semester.

You may satisfy a Personal Development Workshop by attending any program, presentation, and/or workshop sponsored by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (International Education Services, Military and Veterans Resources, Cultural Affairs and Support Services, the Multicultural Center, LGBTQA Resource Center, and the Women’s Resource Center). If you choose to attend one of these programs, presentations, and/or workshops for one of your Personal Development Workshops, you must complete this reflection paper.

The sanctioned items below may be specifically assigned by a staff member in the Office of the Dean of Students, and they are applicable ONLY to those students who are mandated to complete them. All others may NOT use these to complete Personal Development Workshops.

  • Core Values Workshop
  • Alcohol Webquest
  • Fire Safety Workshop
  • Choices and Decision Making
    • Choices and Decision Making is a group workshop. Students participating in this program must come prepared to interact. The overall purpose is to help students define and evaluate their values and ethics and understand the decision making process. This program is offered several times throughout each semester. Since space is limited, students are required to call and schedule themselves for the day they would like to participate. To register for this workshop, please call the Office of the Dean of Students at 570-389-4734.

Students who are found responsible for violating the Alcohol or Drug policies of the Student Code of Conduct will have to complete an alcohol or other drug related workshop. Please refer to the outcome letter that you received for your requirements. For more information on the DAWN Office, please refer to their website by clicking here.

Alcohol 1 Workshop: This interactive group workshop provided by the DAWN Office will typically take around three hours to complete. The first two hours are spent in the workshop and the third hour is spent completing an online survey after the group workshop and a follow-up meeting with the DAWN Coordinator. The cost of this program is $20 and payment must be made prior to participating the in the group workshop. To register for this program, please call the DAWN Office at 570-389-4980.

High Risk Alcohol Workshop: This individual workshop provided by the DAWN Office will typically take around 5 hours to complete. Students will typically meet two to three times with the DAWN Coordinator over about a one month period for this program and must complete an online survey between the first and second meetings. The cost of this program is $20 and payment must be made prior to the first meeting. To register for this program, please call the DAWN Office at 570-389-4980.

Drug 1 Workshop: This interactive group workshop provided by the DAWN Office will typically take around three hours to complete. The first two hours are spent in the workshop and the third hour is completed when you attend a follow-up meeting with the DAWN Coordinator. The cost of this program is $20 and payment must be made prior to participating in the group workshop. To register for this program, please call the DAWN Office at 570-389-4980.

Assessment: An assessment is a meeting with the DAWN Coordinator and is typically assigned to students who have had very serious or repeat alcohol or other drug violations. The purpose of the meeting is to explore your alcohol or other drug use. After the meeting, the DAWN Coordinator will assign recommendations that the student must complete in order to satisfy this requirement. Assessments cost $30 and payment must be made prior to meeting with the DAWN Coordinator. To schedule your assessment, please call the DAWN Office at 570-389-4980.

Marijuana - What's the Big Deal?: This informal interactive group discussion provided by the DAWN Office is intended to help students explore marijuana use. To register for this program, please call the DAWN Office at 570-389-4980.

Service work is an important component of Bloomsburg University’s relationship with our larger town community. From the annual Breast Cancer Walk to the Big Event, Huskies are great at lending a help hand and raising awareness about topics that affect our communities, large and small.

Not only does service work improve our campus and town, it helps us grow our individual perspectives and experiences, and makes a great addition to any resume. We encourage students to choose projects that excite them, or that they would like to learn more about.

Mandated community service hours must be completed either on campus or in the Bloomsburg Town Community.

Additional Community Service Details

BU's Youthful Offenders Program is an interactive, enlightening and often worthwhile program that offers students the opportunity to participate and interact with others. The YOP is a service available only to those who qualify as mandated by the Magistrate.

Since all students who receive probation are required to undergo an educational program, the YOP will substitute for the Alcohol Level I course offered through DAWN

YOP Enrollment Application

For more information regarding Columbia County's Youthful Offenders Program please visit CMSU Behavioral Health and Developmental Services

Faculty and Staff Resources

You are not mandated to report mental health concerns. However, you may not want to take on the role of the main support network or that level of liability for a student. So, you can encourage a student to seek out other appropriate resources. Here is a quick reference guide for how to manage a situation with a student of concern.

The CARE (Behavioral Intervention) team responds to students who exhibit erratic, disruptive, disturbing, or troubling behavior. When a student of concern is referred to the CARE team, members of the team work together to provide cross-departmental assistance and support.

The updated Academic Integrity Policy form includes all of the options regarding an academic integrity violation. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

A formal hearing is facilitated by a formal hearing chairperson and is held in front of a board made up of a three-member combination of Bloomsburg University students, faculty, or staff, selected by the Dean of Students or designee (students are not on sexual misconduct boards). Formal hearing boards convene to review complaints against students or organizations for alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct, discuss whether or not a student or organization is responsible, and determines sanctions, where applicable. The chairperson of the formal hearing forwards the board’s recommendation to the Dean of Students for final review.

Learn more about the Formal Hearing Process

To report an issue or incident regarding a student's conduct in your classroom, please fill out an incident report and forward it to Jim McCormack at

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