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The Center for Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity Studies is an exciting part of the Bloomsburg University community. The Center hosts a wealth of information about our program and resources for our students and the entire community.

Bloomsburg University's Center for Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity Studies is designed to

  • conduct original Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity related research in order to produce works that are published in the broader community, demonstrating our commitment to furthering disciplines of information assurance, security, and forensics.
  • perform directed research in areas identified through the program review process to help fulfill the educational need for quality information assurance programs
  • foster collaboration between industry and academia in the areas of digital forensics and cybersecurity  to produce education and research that are relevant in today’s ever-changing technology landscape.

National Center of Academic Excellence

Bloomsburg University's Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity program within the Department of Mathematical and Digital Sciences has been designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education through academic year 2027.

By receiving this designation, the digital forensics and cybersecurity program has met stringent criteria in regards to the curriculum, faculty, research and demonstrates an institution-wide commitment to cybersecurity practices and education.

Sponsored by the National Security Agency, designated CAE programs reduce vulnerability in our national information infrastructure by promoting higher education and research in cybersecurity and producing a growing number of professionals with cybersecurity expertise in various disciplines.

Program Industry Advisory Board

Our program is designed to prepare students for employment and continuous learning as they entire the workforce. Technology is a rapidly changing environment and it is critical that the department gather feedback to be sure course offerings are relevant. We have formed partnerships with knowledgeable individuals and employers in the form of an advisory board. Program success and student placement is dependent upon the involvement of the advisory board. The advisory board meets once a year. The meetings are held either in the Fall during Career Day or in the Spring semester during BloomCON, our annual security conference.

Advisory Board members provide valuable information by advising the program on Digital Forensics or Cyber Security trends, providing insights and guidance regarding new Digital Forensics or Cyber Security topics, keeping faculty informed of current events and techniques used in the industry, and identify professional and career development opportunities along with professional networks to help students interact with prospective employers and obtain internships.

There are currently nine Program Advisory Board members.  Their affiliations are listed below:

  • Paraben Corporation
  • Fire Eye/Mandiant                       
  • Pfizer                                                                        
  • Baltimore County Police Department          
  • JP Morgan Chase                          
  • Deloitte                                                                    
  • Magnet Forensics
  • Palo Alto Networks                       
  • OpenText

Additional information about our board members can be requested by contacting the Center PoC, Dr. Diane Barrett.

Center Faculty and Bios

Center Director and Point of Contact: Dr. Diane Barrett

Diane Barrett

Diane Barrett, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor of Mathematical and Digital Sciences, Director of the Center for Information Assurance Studies